Why We Love Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Gowns

For many brides, the style of their bridal gown is just as important as the wedding itself. While many trends come and go, it’s comforting to know that certain types of bridal dresses, such as the off-the-shoulder ones, never go out of style. Here are some reasons why we are still loving off-the-shoulder bridal gowns.

1. They look great with big jewellery.

You’ve probably already noticed this in brides who wore off-the-shoulder gowns. They’re so classy that they look great with big jewellery. Since the dress shows an open neckline, your shoulders get to become a canvas that shows bright, big, and bold accessories such as a necklace.

If you’re not much of a necklace person, bold earrings would work great as well. Check out how this Diana Muse by Berta Barcelona shows off the bride’s gorgeous shoulders. Without some busy necklace, the accent is in the elegant earrings. The timeless off-the-shoulder silhouette is made more captivating with the layers of delicate soft tulle and intricate lace detailing. 

2. They show skin in a subtle yet classy way.

If you’re the kind of bride who wants to show some skin but still look modest in her wedding gown, an off-the-shoulder gown would be perfect for you. The shoulders can highlight your well-structured collar bones, giving off that sultry impression while still maintaining enough fabric to cover the rest of your body, exactly how you want it!

This Berta Bridal Gown, for example, highlights the bride’s feminine yet sophisticatedly modest style. This Berta Montefiore features a feminine feminine off-the-shoulder ruffle sleeves. The bodice, mermaid-shaped skirt and long train are covered in clear beaded crystals finishing this breathtaking style!

3. They look amazing on anyone.

When it comes to the silhouette of a gown, it’s best to find the right one that complements your body type and figure. But while not all styles of formal gowns look great on anyone, that is not the case for off-the-shoulder gowns.

Regardless of one’s shape or size, this style is a perfect choice. Plus, you can also find this type of gown in any silhouette, so you’re sure that you’ll find one that suits your style perfectly. So whether you want a flowy gown or a figure-hugging one, there’s definitely an off-the-shoulder dress for that.

For brides that are feeling more edgy, this Berta wedding gown takes off-the-shoulder to the next level. With a sweetheart, plunge neckline and sheer illusion mesh, this ivory gown is undoubtedly a show-stopper. 

4. They highlight your free-spirited personality.

Sometimes, our clothing can speak for us and give people an idea about who we are. Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are no different. If you see yourself as a free-spirited and cheerful person, this type of wedding dress may be right for you. Choose something that has a loose off-the-shoulder feature to express your fun, carefree personality. 

The Gigi Muse by Berta is an example of this. With soft ruched straps and a beautifully tiered flowing skirt, this one loudly screams the bride’s personality without compromising the dress’s elegance and flair. 

5. They’re simply charming.

Off-the-shoulder bridal gowns have that special appeal that would usually fit a bride’s preference. Since this kind of dress highlights the upper portion of your body, it gives emphasis to your beautiful face and neck. This kind of gown is charming in itself and gives you that added appeal and elegance as well.

The Berta NYC Wedding Dress shows its own charm while showing off the bride’s classy and feminine side.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still hesitant about going for an off-the-shoulder wedding dress, remember that its elegant style can suit the majority of body types. Plus, its off-the-shoulder feature is only for that certain part of the gown. You can always find something that fit your personality best. Whichever shape or fit you want to go for, remember to feel good, exude confidence, and most of all, cherish your special day!

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