The Perfect Wedding Dress Styles for Winter

There is no shortage of winter brides. The cooler months are a perfect time to host a wedding. While some choose the winter months to set their weddings due to its significance in their respective relationships, there are also those who are naturally in love with the winter months. But like the seasons changing, so does the style of wedding dresses. Obviously, it would be uncomfortable and inconvenient to don a sleeveless or backless bridal gown amidst the freezing cold. If you want to flaunt a bit of shape and skin on your wedding day, here are tips and wedding dress suggestions worth your serious consideration. 

  • Pay Close Attention to the Fabrics

During cooler months, heavier textiles are your best friends. Most of the common fabrics used in wedding gowns are naturally heavier, including silk, gabardine, velvet, and moire. To some extent, these textiles have insulating qualities that will keep you warm and toasty during your solemn celebration. As much as possible, we highly recommend staying away from lighter fabrics. No matter how much you layer lighter textiles such as organza and rayons, it will be impossible to keep warm wearing them. 

When the temperature changes, so do bridal gown styles. If you need a few tips for choosing your winter wedding dress, we’ve got your back. Nailing your look is absolutely easier if you are comfortable with the textile to begin with.

Take for instance this majestic Berta Athens gown with its body-hugging bodice that will surely make heads turn on your special day. The layering is made from various laces and materials that deliver a striking effect while keeping your body warm, whether you intend to host the wedding indoors or a semi-outdoor venue. The mermaid cut also adds to its comfort properties. You can wear something underneath to keep your warm throughout the entire ceremony until reception. The laced sleeves that reach the elbow only adds more sophistication to your overall look. 

  • Layer Up

Layering is an important element if you’re looking for a wedding gown perfect for the winter season. If you are hosting your wedding and reception at a toasty or warm venue, it’s absolutely okay to show some skin. The secret is to efficiently use layers to insulate your body against the harsh cold while still keeping your dress stylish and sexy. 

The Germaine Muse from the Berta Collection is the perfect dress to layer with fun but still classy accessories on your wedding day. It features an elegant plunge V-neckline adorned with floral appliques and needlework that are super to capture the attention of your groom and the rest of your guests. The V-neck shaped camisole is a great layer as it provides you with extra protection from the freezing cold. Although not too much coverage, the sparkling camisole complements the season and perfectly embodies the joyous event that is your wedding day. The balloon-shaped cap sleeves are an adorable feature which covers and keeps your upper arm warm, too. It comes with a detachable train that falls from the back, if you are looking to capture the feel of traditional wedding gowns. 

Layering up your Germaine Muse with a faux fur or cape will be a dramatic addition to your look. You don’t have to wear it throughout the celebration but it matches the winter vibes perfectly. Make sure to try it out before your wedding day, so you can make the necessary changes if needed. You can request for a bespoke bridal jacket or cape to match the gown you’re wearing on your wedding day.

  • Make Sure to Have a Second Dress

If you really want to wear a strapless or more revealing outfit, you may still do so during the reception. Consider the heating situation in your venue and go from there. Your second outfit may be whatever your style dictates. But of course, if you want it to be perfect, make sure to consider the theme of your wedding, too. Here are dazzling second outfits that you can choose from. This Berta Prive Dress is a show stopper to say the least. It’s glamorous from head to toe and is the perfect dress to wear when you want to let your hair down and enjoy the occasion with your guests. It features layers of various layers combined to create a stunning look that captivates and inspires. The fitted fishtail gown will definitely hug you in the right places and the V-plunge neckline is perfect for elongating the upper body. It also has fitted long sleeves with laces that will keep you cosy when the temperature drops or when you’re taking pictures outdoors. 

The Jolie Bridal is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. The V-plunge bodice and narrow shoulder straps will make your slender figure stand out more. The waist is accentuated by a slim belt while the A-line skirt is thoughtfully layered with lace and tulle. 

If you want to check out more fashionable wedding dresses, please check out our collections here. You may also schedule an appointment for bespoke bridal gowns at Kayrouz Bridal Showroom at 25 King Street, NSW. For enquiries, call our direct line on +61 2 9262 2151 today.


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