Say “I Do” to Wedding Dresses with Shaped Trains

The tradition of trains on bridal gowns originated in the middle ages when a wedding was arranged between a princess and prince from different countries. The union of two kingdoms was incredibly crucial both for financial and political reasons. The show of wealth during the wedding celebration reflects influence and power. Of course, the wedding dress will need to be just as lavish; hence luxurious wedding gowns with the use of expensive fabrics begin. Over time, the use of expensive fabrics with long trails were soon adapted by the nobility, merchants, and the majority of people who can afford this type of bridal dress. 

However, over time, as different venues have become commonplace and churches are no longer the first choice among brides, train styles have become smaller, shorter, and easier to manage. Brides-to-be can now choose from a wide range of train style options. 

Traditionally, train shapes follow the line or complement the silhouette of the skirt. Modern trains typically extend along the sides and a little further at the back, giving a stunning circular shape to ball gown-style dresses. 

Different Bridal Gown Train Lengths and Styles

If you are already starting to shop for your wedding dress, it is worth remembering these terms for wedding dress train styles. By learning about trains, you can easily explain to your bridal consultant exactly what you are looking for. 

Panel Train 

A panel train refers to a separate fabric and can be approximately 1 foot wide. The train is attached to the waist and can be removable. This 20-08 Berta Milan is a lovely mermaid gown embellished from head to toe. The pencil skirt shape features a detachable overskirt with a panel train that adds to the overall mesmerising look of the wedding gown. 

Watteau Train 

A Watteau train is attached to the shoulder or upper back on a strapless or sleeveless gown. This style flows out higher up for a more Grecian-style aesthetic. Depending on your personal taste, the train can fall short as to only touch the floor or extend much longer for a more dramatic finish. 

Sweep Train 

A sweep train is a style wherein it barely touches the floor, literally sweeping elegantly behind the bride. This wedding train style is also known as brush train and is an ideal option for outdoor weddings and looks stunning when paired with a fishtail or mermaid-style bridal dresses. This Hope Muse by Berta Vista Mare is an elegant dress with a modern and fitted corset bodice adorned with lace with beads and intricate 3D flower details. What’s more, it has a detachable train, so you can easily remove it after the wedding ceremony. 

Court Train 

A court train also called a puddle train is the next style in length, extending up to three feet along the floor. This train style is suitable for less formal wedding gowns. This 22-P03 Berta Privee No.6 is an ivory-coloured strapless fishtail gown featuring a sophisticated corset bodice embellished with delicate lace in the right positions. The detachable train can be easily removed, giving you the opportunity to showcase two lovely looks on your wedding day. 

Chapel Train 

A chapel train shares similar features as a full train. However, a chapel train is shorter in length and suitable for all wedding venues. This bridal gown style is the most popular as it is classy and comfortable to wear as well. The 2I-P08 Privee No. 4 is a lovely wedding dress with stunning embellishments from bodice to train. The designer used various lace fabrics to create a beautiful masterpiece on your big day. The V-plunge and fishtail silhouette gown is ideal for slender women. The train fans out with lace details along its edges. 

Cathedral Train 

A wedding gown with a cathedral train is perfect for formal weddings in a grand venue. This is also the best train style for ball wedding gowns as the train can extend between 6.5 and 7.5 feet along the floor. It can be very heavy to wear which can make moving more challenging for brides. 

Monarch Train 

As the name implies, a monarch train is often seen at royal weddings and can extend up to 8 feet along the floor. While this may not be practical for the modern bride, brides who are planning a fairytale-themed wedding may opt for this train style. 

Whichever type of wedding train you choose, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself in the shopping process. Ask your bridesmaids nicely to assist you in case you are having a hard time moving because of the wedding train behind you. It is highly unlikely to wear your train again, so make sure to take a lot of amazing photos with it. To check out classy and sophisticated wedding gowns, check out our amazing collection at Kayrouz Bridal. If you have any enquiries or schedule an appointment, call our direct line on 02 9262 2151 today.