7 Wedding Dress With Stunning Back Designs

When it comes to wedding dresses, the appeal doesn’t only happen in the front. Sure, the neckline, the cut, and the front details are important and are the first to be noticed. But, everyone knows that all eyes will be glued to the bride even as she walks past. That’s why the drama at the back is just as important as in the front. 

Back designs on bridal gowns have become so popular, and we’re not complaining. In fact, we absolutely can’t get enough bridal gowns with glamorous back designs. From the cut to the train, every dress with stunning back details exudes confidence, elegance, and grace—precisely what a bride should have on the big day!

We’ve curated 7 of our favourite wedding dresses with the most gorgeous back designs you don’t want to miss:

1) 20-116 Berta Napoli

The 20-116 Berta Napoli lavishly screams intricacy all over, which is perfect for brides who are big on details. We love its unique design with a combination of embellished lace and crossover lace. The style at the front gives that feather-like illusion, while the glamorous neckline produces a gorgeous shape.

The low back shows a mix of confidence, boldness, and mystery.

2) 20-109 Berta Napoli

Similar to the 20-116 Berta Napoli, the 20-109 Berta Napoli has exquisitely intricate details. What makes this different is its flowy lace that gives that graceful flowy look. The bodice shows a V shape with narrow straps, while the overskirt adds both drama and sophistication. If you’re not a big fan of the overskirt, don’t fret. It can be detached to show a whole new look.

Notice how the low back adds more personality and style to this beautiful wedding gown.

3) 21-103 Berta Milan

If you want your dress’s neckline to be just as low as the back design, the 21-103 Berta Milan is for you. It hugs your body comfortably without compromising style, falling into a mermaid-style skirt. The back design has a gorgeous beaded three-strap design that you’ll instantly fall in love with, too. Nothing says “I love my body” more than this!

4) 19-13 Berta Miami

Just because you want to show your back doesn’t mean it can’t have a little bit of design. The 19-13 Berta Miami has a low back accompanied by embellished sparkler buttons that add attitude to your dress. Its swirl sparkle pattern design shapes the body the way you like it.

The overskirt is detachable too—perfect for partying after the ceremony!

5) 20-06 Berta Como

If you dream of looking like a princess on your wedding day, look no further. The 20-06 Berta Como has a flowy look that will make you look like you just came out of a fairy tale. It’s covered in floral appliqué and adorned with 3D rosettes, which add to the magical vibe of your look.

One of our favourites about this dress is its sleeves because they make the floral details on the arms possible. Plus, the low back sort of acts like a beautiful paradox saying, “I may be a sophisticated princess today, but that doesn’t mean I can’t party!”

6) 19-103 Berta Athens

We love how the 19-103 Berta Athens adds a little attitude to the look. It shows a gorgeous layering of different laces and materials, and the bodice hugs the waist to give the dress a stunning mermaid shape. We simply adore how lace covers the neck too.

The low back design is the perfect finishing touch for the attitude that the dress wants to exude, and it’s also a great detail to let the design rest from all the intricacy.

7) 21-J12 Jolie Bridal SS21

The 21-J12 Jolie Bridal SS21 is perfect for minimalists who want a little dash of detail. It has a gorgeous V-shaped plunge and side panels with a V insert. We love how this dress has a little bit of lace design at the bottom for the right balance of simplicity and luxury. The V-shaped back also adds fun and flavour to this simple design.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a wedding dress with a back design, this is your sign to do so. After all, it’s just right to get the per