Sparkly Wedding Dresses for Every Bridal Style and Body Shape

Your wedding should be one of the most special and memorable events in your life. As a bride, the first thing that you may be extremely excited about is picking one from the numerous wedding dresses available out there. Of course, you want your bridal gown to be perfect, so, likely, you are already feeling pressured. You may be worrying yourself to the point that there is nothing else that you can think about other than what you will wear. 

Fortunately, choosing the perfect sparkly wedding dress is something that should not be exceedingly overwhelming. Selecting a bridal gown can be a very exciting and enjoyable experience if you know what to do and what to avoid. One of the most effective tips that you should remember for you to pick out the right sparkly dress is to know exactly what your body type is and choose a dress based on this. Wearing something appropriate for your body shape or type is sure to flatter you the best. 

Once you have determined what the shape or type of your body is; you now have the chance to pick a dress that style and design best accentuates your figure. So, to help you further in making the right selection from the numerous wedding dresses you will encounter, here are the recommended styles and designs for each body shape. 

For a Pear-Shaped Body

The best sparkly bridal gown for a pear-shaped body is one that has a gradually flaring skirt like this stunning Berta Napoli Bridal Gown

For the best effect, the skirt should feature an A formation though, starting from the waist down to the floor. The effect will serve as a highlighting aspect for the narrowness of your midsection. Make sure that the skirt will also float away from your hip and your thigh region. Taffeta is a great fabric since it will not cling to your body. Additionally, you should go for a dress with a bustier bodice or one that features a spaghetti-strap style. This will make your upper body appear slenderer. If your wedding will be a formal event, the classic ball gown or A-line is a great option. 

For a Bustier Body

If you are busty, there are a few tricks that will help you highlight your best feature, while not showing off too much skin. One good option is a dress that features a scooped neckline like this sophisticated and subtle Berta Privee No. 6 Gown. This will draw attention to your face and show off your collarbone without exposing too much of your cleavage. If you enjoy an off-shoulder wedding dress, look for one that slightly dips along your neckline like this elegant and demure Berta dress. If you insist on wearing a gown whose neckline cuts straight across, you will end up appearing even bustier, not to mention larger. You should also keep in mind that organza, satin, and other ‘sheeny’ fabrics will add more volume to your chest, thus further calling attention to this part of your body. 

For a Plus-Size Body

An empire wedding dress is a great choice if you are in the plus-size department. Just make sure that the bridal gown you will choose has an A-line skirt that starts just near the bust and flows down gradually, creating a floor-length style like this exquisite and dainty Berta Athens Bridal Gown. Do not go for a dress that has an Empire seam. This is particularly true if the seam starts on the chest section. Another no-no is if the fabric is pleated. Pleating is reminiscent of outfits that you will find in the maternity section. In other words, make certain that the gown you will select perfectly fits your body shape. Wearing a dress that is too loose will make you look as if you have gained weight. 

Some other things that you should keep in mind when choosing a plus-size wedding gown is to get one that makes use of satin or other fabrics that create a structural effect. Free-flowing fabrics will just add pounds. If you still want to incorporate these airier fabrics into the dress you will wear on your wedding day, you can opt for a gown featuring a stiffer base. To complete the look, add an embroidered tulle overlay like this ornate skirt of Berta Brooklyn Wedding Dress.

For an Apple-Shaped Body

In this case, the best bridal dress is one cinching in at the slimmest point of your waistline. The dress should flare out gradually, preferably into an A-shape. A texture-rich bodice, such as lace detailing, will camouflage the areas that you think are your less-than-perfect qualities. This type of gown will fit snugly to your body. The result is a corset-like appearance and effect. It is also advisable that you get a dress featuring a deep V neckline like this elegantly embellished Berta Milan Bridal Gown. This will draw attention to your body vertically. You should also avoid wedding dresses known as trumpet gowns, as these will just put more emphasis on the widest portion of your body. 

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