A Perfect Lakeside Wedding – Tips on How to Create Yours, Too!

When it comes to weddings, planning the perfect bridal look is one of the most important and exciting steps. If you’re having a lakeside wedding, you’ll need to find a dress that is as special as your location. To help you do just that, we have compiled some tips for finding the perfect bridal gown styles for your lakeside nuptials. 

Dresses Made of Light Fabrics

A lightweight fabric is best suited for outdoor weddings, especially those taking place in warmer climates. Light fabrics move with you and won’t drag down your gown or cause any discomfort throughout the day. Lace is the ideal fabric for outdoor bridal gowns due to its incredibly lightweight and airy texture. Because of this, brides can enjoy the comfort of their dress in even the most sweltering summer heat. 

Lace fabric also has a beautiful visual effect, which looks stunning against a beautiful outdoor backdrop. Due to its intricate weaving pattern, lace provides an added elegance for any wedding dress without being too heavy or embroidered with extra details. Its naturally bright white hue creates an immaculate look that will be sure to stand out on your special day. A perfect example of a lace bridal gown is the Gemma Muse by Berta Desert that was worn by the blushing Bride Maddie as she walked down the aisle to meet her one-and-true love, Mitch. The Bertha Desert Gemma Muse is the perfect mix of elegance and seduction. Crafted from decadent bonded lace, the bodice is complete with delicate leaf lace straps to secure the sheer front. The bodice continues down into a boy brief style bodysuit, allowing for maximum movement and comfort while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. Moving past this interplay of textures comes the flowy skirt, boasting an array of materials including soft tulle and lace appliqué. And finally, the corset back interplays with the medium length train to create a bridal gown, making it a beautiful and comfortable frock for a bride’s big day.

Consider Wedding Gowns with a Feminine Vibe

For a romantic lakeside wedding, opt for lighter colors such as pastel blues and pinks or even white or ivory. Choose a dress with soft details like beading, lace, ribbons or tiny flowers to give your look an extra feminine touch. You can also add accessories such as earrings and headpieces to further enhance this look.

Blair Muse by Berta Sicily is the epitome of feminine luxury and grace. The intricately detailed antique silver beaded lace adorning the neckline creates a subtle but dramatic impact, while the gentle gathers in the sparkle tulle skirt create movement as you step. Two high front splits add further elegance and excitement to this gorgeous dress, which can be easily managed thanks to its fitted mini skirt underneath and low V-Plunge back with very small train. Perfect for any lakeside weddings, Blair Muse by Berta Sicily radiates timeless beauty that will surely captivate all your wedding guests.

Choose Veils with Practical Details

A tiara is a must-have accessory for any bride-to-be but if you’re having an outdoor wedding, opt for simpler designs like thin metal bands or pearl encrusted pieces that will stay put in windy weather conditions and won’t weigh down your hair style. 

If you’re planning a lakeside wedding, your veil choice is particularly important. Knowing the styles of veils that are best suited for a special day near water will ensure you feel confident, beautiful, and chic as you tie the knot. A great option is a sheath style veil when by Maddie on her wedding at The Cover Jervis Bay. Her simple yet elegant veil complements her slim silhouette and flow wedding dress exquisitely. 

When choosing a veil for the perfect lakeside wedding, the length of the veil can be determined by personal preference. However, if you choose a longer veil, it will nicely accentuate the beauty of your dress while allowing you to really embrace and revel in your day at the lake. Consider selecting a more traditional fabric like tulle or lace to craft a timeless look that lasts a lifetime. 

White Floral Accents Always Look Best

For couples looking to plan the perfect outdoor wedding, white flowers are an excellent choice for decorations. Not only do they add a romantic ambience to the lakeside landscape, but they also blend easily with any color scheme to create a timeless aesthetic. For Maddie and Mitch’s lakeside wedding, the white flower selection created a look of elegance and sophistication without taking away the intimacy that outdoors settings provide. Additionally, because they draw the eye and capture a light breeze, those walking around appreciated their delicate beauty and enjoyed them throughout the big day.

Maddie and Mitch’s wedding could have been like any other. But instead, they chose to make the most of their surroundings, crafting a unique event drawn from the beauty of nature. Working as a team, Maddie and Mitch were able to tap into their own creative potential, leading to an unforgettable lakeside wedding packed with personal touches. With careful planning and articulate decorations, these two constructed a romantic fantasy come alive by the lake that both sets and guests alike won’t soon forget. 

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