The BERTA fashion house in New York City proudly weaves stories into their wedding dresses, capturing the emotions and dreams of happy brides. The brand’s design philosophy revolves around the power of fabrics, emphasizing craftsmanship and artistry in their Couture, Muse, and Evening bridal lines.

Serenity Photography released a stunning editorial showcasing BERTA wedding gowns across five of the brand’s newest collections. Shot aboard the Jackson, Sydney’s most luxurious super yacht, the editorial had a view of the twinkling Harbor skyline, evoking wanderlust and the allure of timeless luxury.

The Jackson 

One of the most unique wedding venues in Sydney, the Jackson welcomes guests aboard on a luxury cruise experience that will allow them to soak in the glamor of the city. The super yacht has three levels:

The Main Deck is a stylish indoor venue that hosts up to 300 guests. It features designer decor, 360-degree floor-to-ceiling windows, and a world-class tech setup with a stage and LED screen.

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Photo from The Jackson

The Mid Deck & Quarters accommodates around 150 guests for a cocktail-style party. Like the Main Deck, it also has 360-degree floor-to-ceiling windows and superior equipment. Its special features are the two outdoor decks where guests can enjoy the open air of the Harbor.

Photo from The Jackson

The Rooftop Bar is a sleek lounge that hosts up to 75 guests for an intimate cocktail-style reception. Complete with a retractable roof and an outdoor deck, the space offers the fresh air and natural light desired of a cruise experience.

Photo from The Jackson

Photo from The Jackson

The shoot was organized by luxury bridal shop Kayrouz Bridal, the premium stockist of BERTA gowns in Australia. “The essence of Kayrouz Bridal is to provide a guided journey of impeccable luxury service, radiating positive energy, and offering reassurance to our bride by exceeding the ordinary, and surpassing all expectations,” they shared.

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The photoshoot positions BERTA as an ideal fashion house for the chic bride who is free-spirited and adventurous at heart! Without further ado, see the editorial below.

BERTA Couture: The Maggiore and Rome Collections 

The Maggiore Collection by BERTA exemplifies the ethos of the brand’s design philosophy with elaborate couture creations that effortlessly blend timeless magic with contemporary taste. The dresses are diverse, but all glamorous in their own right: there are lacy gloved gowns oozing with romance, as well as glittery gowns with daring slits and sheer panels.

The Rome Collection takes bold, classic silhouettes and softens them with youthful exuberance. Fitted corset bodices, fairy-like embroidery, and strategic cutouts define the collection.

Muse by Berta: The NYC and Pantheon Collections 

The NYC Collection speaks to the modern, cosmopolitan bride who feels right at home in a busy, dazzling city. Fitted silhouettes, dramatic plunging cuts, and intricate vine embroidery are present in this chic collection.

The Pantheon Collection offers a variety of daring, glamorous interpretations of the statuesque a-line silhouette. Inspired by the sculptural strength of Roman aesthetics, the collection features clean lines, floor-length skirts, and subtle yet architectural bodices.

Evening by Berta 

The Evening line by the BERTA fashion house can be worn to various events, such as galas and fancy nights out. The shimmery mini dresses and feather accents will appeal to brides seeking chic frocks for a bachelorette, or a wedding afterparty.

Gowns: BERTA Couture, Muse by Berta, Evening by Berta
Photography: Serenity Photography 
Planning & Art Direction: Serenity Photography
Venue: The Jackson Luxury Super Yacht
Makeup: Melissa Riccio
Hair: Grace Roby Hair
Bridal Salon: Kayrouz Bridal
Jewellery & Headpieces: Maria Elena
Models: Royalle Modelling

A Perfect Lakeside Wedding – Tips on How to Create Yours, Too!

When it comes to weddings, planning the perfect bridal look is one of the most important and exciting steps. If you’re having a lakeside wedding, you’ll need to find a dress that is as special as your location. To help you do just that, we have compiled some tips for finding the perfect bridal gown styles for your lakeside nuptials. 

Dresses Made of Light Fabrics

A lightweight fabric is best suited for outdoor weddings, especially those taking place in warmer climates. Light fabrics move with you and won’t drag down your gown or cause any discomfort throughout the day. Lace is the ideal fabric for outdoor bridal gowns due to its incredibly lightweight and airy texture. Because of this, brides can enjoy the comfort of their dress in even the most sweltering summer heat. 

Lace fabric also has a beautiful visual effect, which looks stunning against a beautiful outdoor backdrop. Due to its intricate weaving pattern, lace provides an added elegance for any wedding dress without being too heavy or embroidered with extra details. Its naturally bright white hue creates an immaculate look that will be sure to stand out on your special day. A perfect example of a lace bridal gown is the Gemma Muse by Berta Desert that was worn by the blushing Bride Maddie as she walked down the aisle to meet her one-and-true love, Mitch. The Bertha Desert Gemma Muse is the perfect mix of elegance and seduction. Crafted from decadent bonded lace, the bodice is complete with delicate leaf lace straps to secure the sheer front. The bodice continues down into a boy brief style bodysuit, allowing for maximum movement and comfort while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. Moving past this interplay of textures comes the flowy skirt, boasting an array of materials including soft tulle and lace appliqué. And finally, the corset back interplays with the medium length train to create a bridal gown, making it a beautiful and comfortable frock for a bride’s big day.

Consider Wedding Gowns with a Feminine Vibe

For a romantic lakeside wedding, opt for lighter colors such as pastel blues and pinks or even white or ivory. Choose a dress with soft details like beading, lace, ribbons or tiny flowers to give your look an extra feminine touch. You can also add accessories such as earrings and headpieces to further enhance this look.

Blair Muse by Berta Sicily is the epitome of feminine luxury and grace. The intricately detailed antique silver beaded lace adorning the neckline creates a subtle but dramatic impact, while the gentle gathers in the sparkle tulle skirt create movement as you step. Two high front splits add further elegance and excitement to this gorgeous dress, which can be easily managed thanks to its fitted mini skirt underneath and low V-Plunge back with very small train. Perfect for any lakeside weddings, Blair Muse by Berta Sicily radiates timeless beauty that will surely captivate all your wedding guests.

Choose Veils with Practical Details

A tiara is a must-have accessory for any bride-to-be but if you’re having an outdoor wedding, opt for simpler designs like thin metal bands or pearl encrusted pieces that will stay put in windy weather conditions and won’t weigh down your hair style. 

If you’re planning a lakeside wedding, your veil choice is particularly important. Knowing the styles of veils that are best suited for a special day near water will ensure you feel confident, beautiful, and chic as you tie the knot. A great option is a sheath style veil when by Maddie on her wedding at The Cover Jervis Bay. Her simple yet elegant veil complements her slim silhouette and flow wedding dress exquisitely. 

When choosing a veil for the perfect lakeside wedding, the length of the veil can be determined by personal preference. However, if you choose a longer veil, it will nicely accentuate the beauty of your dress while allowing you to really embrace and revel in your day at the lake. Consider selecting a more traditional fabric like tulle or lace to craft a timeless look that lasts a lifetime. 

White Floral Accents Always Look Best

For couples looking to plan the perfect outdoor wedding, white flowers are an excellent choice for decorations. Not only do they add a romantic ambience to the lakeside landscape, but they also blend easily with any color scheme to create a timeless aesthetic. For Maddie and Mitch’s lakeside wedding, the white flower selection created a look of elegance and sophistication without taking away the intimacy that outdoors settings provide. Additionally, because they draw the eye and capture a light breeze, those walking around appreciated their delicate beauty and enjoyed them throughout the big day.

Maddie and Mitch’s wedding could have been like any other. But instead, they chose to make the most of their surroundings, crafting a unique event drawn from the beauty of nature. Working as a team, Maddie and Mitch were able to tap into their own creative potential, leading to an unforgettable lakeside wedding packed with personal touches. With careful planning and articulate decorations, these two constructed a romantic fantasy come alive by the lake that both sets and guests alike won’t soon forget. 

If you are a bride-to-be and looking for the perfect bridal gown look no further than Kayrouz Bridal. We have the most comprehensive collections of bridal styles. From traditional ball gowns to ornate lace dresses and more, they have something to fit any bride’s style, desired silhouette, and price range. You’ll never find another store that offers such high-quality bridal designs and unparalleled customer service like Kayrouz Bridal. So, if you’re a bride-to-be looking for that dream dress, look no further than Kayrouz Bridal. It’s the perfect place to start your journey. To schedule an appointment, do not hesitate to call our direct line on 02 9262 2151 today.

Aren’t Sleeved Bridal Dresses Outdated?

While there are certain trends that prevail in the bridal fashion industry, the perfect wedding dress is a highly subjective topic. At the end of the day, you will end up choosing the wedding dress that reflects you – a collective of your values, beliefs, and personal preferences. Exuding elegance on your wedding day boils down to what you think looks good on your body. Trends may come and go but your personality, as reflected in your bridal gown choice, will stay with you forever. 

Do not be swayed by the hottest trends, but instead choose a dress that genuinely reflects you. In addition, there are many long-sleeved dresses that utilize modern aesthetics and design. If you are a bride-to-be who prefers to dress elegantly without having to show skin, long-sleeved dresses are definitely the best way to go. Finally, have you noticed that A-listers, including royalties, wore long-sleeved bridal gowns on their wedding day? This is a testament that the unique and sophisticated flare of long-sleeved dresses will never go out of style. 

This Berta Colony wedding gown is a testament to the timeless beauty and chic appeal of a long-sleeved wedding dress. The deep V-neckline on this gorgeous gown will highlight your decolletage and the floral appliques with a sheer, see-through design will accentuate your curves nicely. This lovely long-sleeved gown with its short train will have everything in awe of you on your wedding day.   

What is the Major Selling Point of Long-Sleeved Bridal Gowns?

Unknown to many brides-to-be, long-sleeved wedding dresses have an elongating effect. This is one of the reasons why women with shorter statutes typically consider wearing long-sleeved gowns on their big day. Long-sleeved bridal dresses are just as flexible and versatile as other bridal gown styles. They now come in various colours, styles, cuts, and materials. You can even get involved in the design process and choose the fabric, embellishments, and silhouette to make it a unique piece that you can truly call your own. 

This beautiful and modern long-sleeved Heidi Muse by Berta Vista Mare is something that you don’t see every day. It features a more traditional style but with the modern touch using a flowing, see-through A-line skirt, the deep V-neckline is made from ornate lace detail that adds to the sophisticated and yet sultry finish of the gown. It’s the perfect long-sleeved wedding frock for an intimate beach wedding with your nearest and dearest. 

Merging Traditional Luxury and Modern Functionality 

The sleeves, of course, are one of the main features of long-sleeved wedding dresses. Apart from symbolizing modesty, long-sleeves also draw the attention of your guests, most especially, your husband. With the right cut, style, and fabric, you can look just as attractive as brides who opt for sleeveless bridal dresses. This Berta Privee Gown No. 4 will definitely make an impact as you walk down the aisle. This fitted fishtail gown will hug you in the right places. The sleeves are embellished with lace trimming that end with ornate lace applique. It’s an exquisite design that will make you give you that extra boost of confidence as you exchange vows with your husband. 

A Lovely Wedding Dress Style for All Seasons

The impressive versatility of long-sleeved wedding gowns is what makes it a favourite among a growing number of modern brides. No matter the season, a long-sleeved bridal dress can make you look elegant. This Jolie Bridal dress is a showstopper. The stunning simplicity of this gown will capture attention. It features a simple V-neckline, a lovely slim belt that will accentuate your waist. The A-line skirt is layered with sparkly lace underneath for that touch of whimsy. The open V-back helps showcase the lovely flow of the skirt, from walking down the aisle to engaging with friends and family at the reception.

Tips To Remember When Shopping for Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Apart from your style preferences and budget, there are additional things that you must consider before purchasing the long-sleeved wedding gown of your dreams. 

  • Consider the Weather

Long-sleeved dresses can get uncomfortable, especially during the warmer months of the year. If you are keen on wearing a sleeved bridal gown, find one with breathable or light fabrics. On the other hand, if you are wearing a long-sleeved bridal gown in the winter, we highly recommend using thicker or heavier fabrics for insulation and protection from the elements.  

  • Choose Embellishments Wisely 

The sleeves on your wedding dress are already focal points, so you may want to go easy on the embellishments. Excessive embellishments will make the gown less elegant than you would hope it to be. If you really want to embellish your gown, make sure to place them in the right places. In addition, do not over accessories. Keep your bridal fit as simple and elegant as possible. 

If you want to learn more about our beautiful long-sleeved wedding gowns in Sydney, it’s always best to schedule an in-person visit and fitting with a reliable bridal dress company. Kayrouz Bridal is a premier bridal shop in Sydney. We showcase a wide range of Berta Bridal gowns at great prices. Ranges include Berta, Jolie, Muse By Berta, Berta Privee and Berta Evening as well as a beautiful collection of Maria Elena jewelry to compliment your look.. To set an appointment, simply call our direct line on 02 9262 2151 to schedule.

Why Do Brides Wear Veils?

It’s a typical heartwarming scene. A bride walks down the aisle with her face fully covered, but as soon as she is ‘un-veiled’, one can see and even hear the surge of smiles, gasps, and tears—the groom and the crowd all aflutter! 

The sheer and thin layer of fabric covering the bride’s face is not only there for aesthetics. When you look deeper, it can stir emotions the moment it is put on till it is removed. For some, it is simply a statement piece that adds to the look, but for some, it is a symbolic and sentimental element. A wedding veil is one accessory that adds an exquisite touch to the bride’s wedding gown. 

It’s classic. It’s historical. It’s even essential to some. The meaning that surrounds the age-old tradition is clothed in mystery and myths. Let’s find out the different beliefs that surround this spellbinding fabric. 

Here are some of the many reasons brides wear veils throughout history: 

  • As a shield to ward off evil spirits

One of our favourite wedding accessory’s earliest origins is the darkest. Some olden cultures believed that dark entities try to take away their blessings and happiness when a woman is about to be wed. Thus, they wear veils, which were usually red in colour, so that demons would think that they are on fire and ward off curses. The red colour then transitioned into white so that the bride’s face would be blurry beyond evil’s recognition.

  • To symbolise purity

Another ancient symbolism of the veil is signifying virginity. It means that the bride is remained ‘untouched’. This lore is also like how bridal dresses were made in white to symbolise innocence as well. 

  • To surprise the groom

Dating back to the days when people largely practised arranged marriage. They considered women a “gift” while the wedding veil serves as the ‘gift wrapper’. Brides were often ‘hidden’ from the groom until the partnership was consummated. Eventually, the ‘Kiss the Bride’ portion of the wedding is when the groom finally takes off the layer of lace or tulle to reveal their bride to be seen for the first time.

  • To stop brides from running away

Veils were once always long and heavy. It was said to be designed in that manner to prevent brides from having cold feet since the veil will weigh them down if they ever try to run away. This, of course, owes to the fact that they are meeting their grooms for the first time! It is believed that runaway brides couldn’t get far with their long train dragging behind them.

  • To add the finishing touch to the most important dress of your life

After everything is said and done, myths are debunked, and traditions fade, but the wedding veil still stands strong. On top of every list of wedding accessories, veils often take the spot after the timeless wedding gown. Even though you haven’t given its origin and history any thought, some brides purely wear wedding veils for their visual appeal. It adds a mesmerising detail to the most meaningful dress of your life. 

Make it Matter

No matter your reason for wearing the veil, it will be one of the most memorable parts of your bridal ensemble. Whether you opt for Queen Victoria’s classic cascading veil, a lace-trimmed cathedral veil, a minimalist blusher veil for modern bridal dresses, or even a beaded birdcage one to match your beaded wedding gown—the veil you choose will reflect your charm and your style. 

Have the flowers of your wedding bouquet or even your favourite bible verse embroidered to make it more personalised. It becomes a keepsake that even your children can inherit to use in their own wedding. So, do not think twice about incorporating a flowing trail of fairytale-like sparkle into your look.

A veil transforms a woman in a white dress into a blushing bride. Picking bridal dresses is an intimate and personal experience, but throw in a veil into the mix, and it becomes much more than just a look. It is taking part in a rich, colourful (and sometimes controversial) history and using it to start your own. 

Watch out for Kayrouz Bridal veils collection soon! 

Celebrate New Beginnings with BERTA PRIVÉE – Trunk Show Happening on 18-27 March 2022

When it comes to picking out your wedding dress, you deserve nothing less than perfect. Wedding dress shopping is a unique and personal experience for each bride, and no amount of Pinterest pins and boards can conjure up the perfect piece for you. The subject of your little girl fantasies has now come to fruition, so the pressure is up to make that dream come true. BERTA PRIVÉE is a collection that every fairytale is made of. So, the only thing left to do is pick out your crème de la crème!

Gowns for Goddesses: Trunk Show Coming Soon

BERTA PRIVÉE is a bridal line under the fashion powerhouse, BERTA, a brand highly coveted in the international bridal scene. BERTA is known to bring a couture level of quality but in retail prices that are closer to those of mass production brands. Despite its attainable price range, it delivers unique dresses that showcase distinct details and elements, such as 3D floral appliques, shimmering sequins, delicate laces, and dramatic bone corset. Every piece can make any bride look like the empowered goddess she is on her big day!

WATCH OUT: Catch the BERTA PRIVÉE Trunk show on 18-27 March 2022 showcasing the No. 6 Collection. This range offers strapless bodices, scoop necklines and flared shaped tails. See more details here.

Finding the Right BERTA PRIVÉE for You

Don’t know where to start? Today, we are your fairy godmothers. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! The following are some insider tips so you can finally tick this task off your wedding to-do list.

  • Research

Picking out the dress is like learning another language. A lot of jargon you’ve never encountered come into play like train, veil, empire, bodice are just some in the never-ending list of things to consider. Searching the right keywords is one step closer to “The One.” Learn about the anatomy of bridal dresses, so you know which elements you will prioritise.

Privée Picks: Form-fitting mermaid cuts with big and bold lace appliques top the charts of every search. 

  • Take your time

In this once in a lifetime moment, all eyes are on you. On top of this, you are the centre of every snapshot that you’ll keep forever. That being said, you in your bridal gown is the highlight of the whole event. Do not settle for the first gown you fit, and explore your options to see what you look good and feel comfortable in. After the engagement, you can start scouring the racks of brands and boutiques, so you have all the time in the world to make that crucial decision.

Privée Picks: Berta Privee’s signature sheer illusion is a timeless detail that will work in all styles and seasons. It is a classic that you can never go wrong with. Consider the P110 BERTA PRIVÉE NO.5 if you’re going for that sexy look. 

  • Book an Appointment with a Luxury Bridal Boutique

Get royal treatment within the walls of one of the best bridal shops in Sydney. The best thing about our boutique is the option to schedule a virtual consultation. Before you are a hundred per cent ready to say yes to the dress, you can have a personalised private chat with professional stylists. Your collaboration will allow you to zero in on the littlest details and discuss details like your wedding’s season, time, theme, as well as your budget and other vital factors. They can lead you in the right direction and make you feel like a princess, even just through a screen.

Privee Picks: Try something fresh and exciting with a BERTA PRIVÉE dress featuring a fishtail silhouette, sweetheart neckline and puffy detachable sleeves. You will not be overwhelmed with all these details when you have the insight of Kayrouz professional stylists.

  • Enjoy the process

The search for the perfect wedding gown should not be a daunting and stressful experience. In fact, it is one way to discover more about yourself, like what fits your body type and your personal style. There’s bound to be something that makes you look and feel like the best version of yourself. Indeed, there is a BERTA wedding gown with your name on it!

Privee Picks: More than one dress! It’s incredibly challenging to cherry-pick a favourite from a stunning collection, but who says you can’t have a wardrobe change? With BERTA bridal gowns, you get luxury at reasonable prices. Opt for an after-party dress in the form of a sparkly straight-cut gown that’s perfect for dancing and drinking all night long.

Check out all BERTA PRIVÉE bridal dresses here or visit us at 25 King Street, NSW. See more details of the upcoming Trunk Show here!

The Most Beautiful Bridal Dresses for Summer

It’s been a bitter cold few months and I speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait for summer to arrive. Summer brides are especially excited for the warm weather as they  prepare for their big day. If you’re in the process of choosing a bridal dress for your summer wedding, here are tips that will help you make a wiser decision once you finally hit the shops to find the perfect wedding gown. 

  • Consider your Body Type

Regardless of season, it’s best to always be mindful of your body type. The dress silhouette must complement your neckline and the rest of your body. This can be somewhat hard to face for brides-to-be who already have a specific style in mind. Bear in mind that you will look your best when you are wearing a wedding dress that perfectly complements your body types as opposed to wearing a dress which you think will look good on you. 

The perfect dress will hide imperfections and boost your assets. Apart from visual appeal, comfort should be a top priority, too. A wedding is a full-day affair, so you  need to look and feel your best to ensure that you will be focused on celebrating the occasion rather than being consumed by feelings of discomfort and uneasiness. 

For women with a slender frame, the Berta Milan, a Berta Bridal gown, is a gown worth considering. This 40s-style inspired bridal dress features a V-shaped ruched bodice adorned with delicate pearl straps. The wide waistband elegantly hugs the waistline, giving you shape in the right places. 

  • Choose Light and Breathable Fabrics

For summer, opt for natural fabrics that are known for their lightweight and breathable qualities. A silk wedding dress is definitely a hit among summer brides. Other fabric options that you can choose from are chiffon, organza, and tulle as they are extremely light and will ensure both comfort and beauty as you walk down the aisle this summer. Laced fabrics such as those used in this opulent and elegantly designed Hila Muse by Berta Vista Mare will allow your skin to breathe, especially if you are planning an indoor wedding ceremony or reception. This gown features a timeless strapless design with a laced corset and bodice accessorised with sophisticated flower applique. The A-line skirt is made from tulle, so you won’t end up feeling sticky and comfortable underneath the dress. 

  • Add Hoops to your Bridal Grown

Princess-style wedding gowns are not the most comfortable to wear, but if you’re looking for a bridal gown that guarantees you stay cool and composed throughout the day, adding hoops into the petticoat lining of your gown is an excellent idea. The hoops will help to keep the fabric away from your legs, thus ensuring good air circulation under the gown. 

  • Consider the Type, Location, and Style of your Wedding

The location of your wedding is an important factor to consider when choosing a dress for your wedding day. If you’re planning a beach wedding for summer, it’s ideal to choose bridal gowns with light flowing fabrics. Choose a wedding gown fabric that does not attract dirt or dust easily or make the necessary measures to protect your grown from staining too easily. Another excellent expert recommendation is to choose a bridal dress with a shorter skirt length. The Berta Evening dress is perfect for garden or beach weddings. The enchanting design features a structured bodice adorned with diagonal ruching and wide off-shoulder sleeves that will accentuate the collarbone and highlight your face all the more. The ball gown skirt is three-quarter length finished so you don’t have to worry about a trail that can slow down or limit your movement during the wedding. 

  • Choose a Versatile Bridal Gown

Choose a wedding dress that has the option of a shrug or bolero to cover your shoulders. If you are planning an outdoor wedding in the morning or midday, the last thing that you want is getting sunburnt, leaving your skin looking redl and painful during reception. 

  • Avoid Fishtail Gowns in Summer

Fitted dress styles such as mermaid dresses will look out of place for a casual outdoor summer wedding. Additionally, this is also a very warm choice since your legs will be close together. It will be very uncomfortable once you start sweating underneath the dress. Instead, choose a looser, softer wedding gown design, so you won’t have a hard time moving around and enjoying yourself during your big day.

Kayrouz Bridal offers a long list of bridal dress designs that are perfect for the upcoming summer. We are known for our intricate, elegant, embellished wedding dresses that reflect the strength and aesthetic taste of modern women. If you wish to learn more about Kayrouz Bridal or to schedule a bridal gown appointment in Sydney, call our direct line on (02) 9262 2151 today. 


7 Wedding Dress Designs That Every Bride Needs To See

Wearing a wedding gown is not something you get to do every day. For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment that deserves perfection. Luckily, getting that perfect dress isn’t so hard anymore as bridal gowns now come in many styles that suit your taste, theme, and personality. Nonetheless, sometimes choosing one out of a million designs is a tall order. But it’s not impossible. All you need is a refresher course to lead you to… the one. 

To help you better visualise what you want to put on on your special day, we’re giving you a rundown of some of the most timeless wedding gowns that we think should be on your wishlist:

  • Long-Sleeved + V-Plunge Neckline + Low Back

All the elements of this design blend together seamlessly to give the dress of every girl’s dream. It is uber-modern with a mix of classic details making it the perfect option for a bride that wants the best of both worlds. This glamorous Berta Colony gown’s plunge neckline gives the ideal balance to its long slim sleeves. 

  • Embellished + Scalloped + Fishtail

Your wedding dress is not something you hold back on when it comes to design. Go big and bold with the details for the biggest day of your life. This Berta dress is overflowing with breathtaking features without it becoming overwhelming. Its form-fitting fishtail silhouette still highlights the bride’s beauty—while besprinkling magic from head to toe.

  • Boned Corset + Pencil + Detachable Train

The recipe for a sophisticated dress is sewn in every detail of this Hope Muse by Berta Vista Mare bridal gown. You get a sultry structure with figure-flattering features such as its corset top and pencil skirt. Meanwhile, you have romantic details in this beaded wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and 3D flowers. Take it from dainty to dramatic with a detachable train. Indeed, it’s a little bit of everything wrapped in one.

  • Scoop Neckline + Lace + Mermaid

This lace wedding dress of Berta Privee is made of all things whimsical: lace, bows, a velvet belt and layers of tulle. A full, billowy mermaid skirt is the perfect contrast for its body-hugging corset bodice. You’ll be glowing from every angle with the surrealness of every point of this gown. From its fit-and-flare shape, pattern and material, you’ll be dreaming of this dreamy gown way past your wedding day.

  • Sweetheart Neckline + Tulle + Soft Ball Gown

Nothing reminds us of a princess quite like a ball gown. Look every bit a royalty in this Jolie Bridal dress. Enter your wedding venue with a regal aura and a skirt that flows with your every step. Tulle and flowers are a classic pairing, and this dress does not skimp on those two elements. The design is sprinkled with plenty of sparkles, so your significant other will fall head over heels in love again every time the light touches you.

  • Off-the-Shoulder + Flowy Skirt

The perfect combination for that chic and feminine impression. Whether you adorn it with a neckpiece or go bare, an off-the-shoulder beautifully defines the collar bone. See it matched with a tulle, flowy skirt and you’re set to have that regal moment. This Berta Milan dress comes with a detailed boned corset style bodice, embroidered with wildflower lace accentuating the décolletage, and a small train.

  • Strapless + High Split

Strapless gowns never go out of style. A stunningly designed number, this Berta Napoli wedding dress features detailed embroidered flowers bedazzled with subtle sparkles, a corset bodice, lace appliqués, and a ball gown shaped skirt. It’s quite safe to say it has everything a bride is looking for in a dress. As if that’s not striking enough, this gown comes with a high split in the front, easily transforming it from classic to modern.

Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure; there is no shortage of bridal gowns to choose from. On-trend or timeless, whatever design you choose, there’s undoubtedly a dress that has your name on it. Make sure the one you pick reflects your personality and style. What makes bridal dresses special is the thought and consideration you put into choosing them!

Whether you’re all about the frills kind of bride or you’re all for understated pieces, Kayrouz Bridal has one for every bride-to-be. Visit us at King Street, Sydney, NSW, or check out our collections here


2021 Wedding Dress Trends

Are you finally tying the knot in 2021? One of the foremost priorities among brides is choosing their wedding dress. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion; an event that almost all women desire to be at some point in their lives. It’s not surprising that women invest time, effort, and money into wedding dress shopping. The perfect wedding dress comes in all shapes, sizes, and silhouettes. A bride-to-be’s personal taste, preferences, and budget are also factored in when choosing that special frock for their big day. 

Staying true to your taste while keeping up with trends can be challenging. Here at Kayrouz Bridal, we have made it our mission to give you the hottest wedding dress trends for 2021. We hope that you can find a wedding dress that will effortlessly exude the innate bliss and joy you feel on your big day!

  • Short Dresses

The COVID-19 global pandemic gave rise to micro-weddings; martial unions either via video conference or an intimate ceremony attended by a select few, including immediate family members and close friends. As it is impossible to hold a grand wedding during challenging times, choosing a traditional wedding dress design is not only unnecessary but may get costly, too. 

Fashionistas predict short but sophisticated wedding dresses as an emerging trend in 2021. Short dresses with captivating beading and ornate designs are just as glamorous as a mermaid-style wedding dress. A short dress like this exquisite Berta Evening Dress is also more practical, especially if you are hosting a micro-wedding that doesn’t involve walking down the aisle. They are quite flexible too in that you can wear them for special occasions or special functions once everything goes back to normal. 

  • Ruffles

Ruffled wedding dresses were definitely all the rage a decade ago, and it seems to be coming back in style. Fanciful ruffles show depth and sophistication in wedding dresses with minimal beading and embellishments. The soft layers create the perfect quintessential image of feminism and romance. The ruffled skirt is also extremely flexible in that you can incorporate into any wedding style- be it modern, chick, boho, or all-out glamour. 

  • Subtle Sparkle

If you are getting married around the holidays, a wedding dress with subtle sparkles can bring out the festive and romantic mood in the air. If you are all about opulence and keen to stick with white, ecru, or ivory colour palette, a sparkly wedding dress is definitely for you! You can embellish your dress with sequins, beads, and even precious jewels if you plan on going all out for your special day. Reflective embellishments need not be expensive. You may opt for simple silhouettes with sparse beadwork for a more subtle shimmer that will make your beauty and radiance shine on your wedding day.

We are in love with the Jolie Bridal dress and its intricate floral applique. The illusion mesh embodies elegance, perfect for brides who want a more ethereal and modest look. The flowy skirt is covered in sparkling mesh with lace applique that completes its romantic and seductive vibe. 

  • Square Necklines

This was extremely popular during the Renaissance period, and it seems that square necklines are here for a grand comeback. This 2021 wedding dress trend is absolutely versatile as it looks flawless when incorporated into any design or fabric- be it satin, lace, and chiffon to name a few.

Wedding dresses that feature traditional square necklines are both elegant and elongating. The angular silhouette that beautifully rests on the shoulders is endearing, not to mention exquisitely timeless, too. Brides may also adjust the width and height of the neckline. A wider cut if you want to show off those lovely shoulders and collar bones, or a lower cut to accentuate the neck and busts while seemingly slimming down the shoulder region. 

  • Backless Wedding Dresses

If you want to make a statement, bring your sexy back! Backless wedding dresses will never run out of style. You may choose a deep V-back dress or a completely backless wedding gown if you want to show skin without revealing the cleavage area. The backless design is perfect if you want to keep the design simple while showcasing your daring personality. 

The Berta Miami Wedding Dress is stunning to say the list. If you’re dreaming of a dramatic and glamorous entrance, this is the perfect wedding dress style for you. The gorgeous lace train is beaded with diamonds and the fishtail skirt shows off your natural silhouette flawlessly. The low V-back is bold and will ultimately provide the cohesive and stylish look on your special wedding.

  • Statement Sleeves

If you want to have a uniquely beautiful attire on your wedding, a wedding dress with statement sleeves is a style you may want to give serious consideration. The style, material, and design are only limited by your imagination, so you can basically choose any sleeve style you want. Plus, statement sleeves can be added into any traditional or modern wedding dress design to further elevate its beauty and grandeur. 

The Athens Wedding Dress from the Berta Collection is as alluring and sophisticated as it gets. The strapless gown is further enhanced with a corset bodice that will definitely turn heads as you walk down the altar. Various lace materials are layered to create a stunning finish while making sure you are comfortable from ceremony to reception. The beautiful long train is embellished with floral details fit for a queen. The Victorian-inspired floral turtleneck extends is further accentuated by bell sleeves that exude timeless fashion.

When it comes to trending wedding dress styles, these popular styles will undoubtedly dominate 2021. A pandemic should never stop brides-to-be from feeling excited for their wedding, and with these gorgeous wedding dress trends, you will definitely look gorgeous on your wedding day. If you’re looking for unique and stunning wedding dresses, look no further. Kayrouz Bridal boasts a collection of wedding dresses for brides of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a frock that has whimsical pastel shades, interesting backs & bows, or an extravagant gown with ethereal details or embellishments, we have it all for you! Feel free to browse our bridal gown collection. If you have other enquiries, you may also reach us on 02 9262 2151 today.