Where To Find: Bridal Headpieces For The Queen In You

Berta Bridal knows one thing for sure, there is a little girl in you who has always dreamt of becoming a princess one day. You have dreamt of walking down the aisle looking all pretty in your perfect, long, and white wedding dress. And as the years go by, that princess has grown to become a queen but underneath it all, there is still that little girl in you who has waited for this big day and this article is for her. Below are the bridal headpieces that we personally picked for you that will definitely take your wedding outfit to the next level!

5 Maria Elena Bridal Headpieces on Your Big Day


Say “I Do” to this stunning headpiece, and walk down the aisle feeling like a queen. This crown is the finishing touch to that perfect wedding dress of yours and that will surely make you stand out! This regal crown, composed of hand-set clear diamantes, an assortment of crystal pieces, mother of pearl flowers, and large matching crystal centrepieces, is set in an antique gold base. The inverse shows off the intricate filigree metal design. So whether you are a fairytale princess, a Kate or a Meghan or a Renaissance Queen, one thing is for sure, the little girl in you would be so delighted wearing this. So crown yourself on your wedding day, girl!


You can definitely make the whole place shimmer on your big day with this Layla Crown. Planning a wedding can be very tough, and if you think that getting the perfect gown and shoes is enough, there is something that you are missing– a headpiece! Bridal headpieces have come a long way, they are no longer just for royalties like the Queen of England or Kate or Meghan. They have become one of the best accessories on your big day and something that will make your wedding memorable when you look back at your photos. Imagine wearing a bespoke wave-style crown decadently covered in Swarovski crystal and pearls, that does not just happen every day and your wedding is the perfect excuse to look your best.


We all probably have played dress up in front of the mirror with our pillowcases as our wedding veils and now it is time for that day! You are now dressing up in those embellished wedding dresses and this time it does not look silly, it looks perfect just like what you have always imagined. And one more thing that will upgrade your wedding look is this Penelope Crown. This stunning floral design features shaped crystals and pearls, lending itself well to any style–from regal and glamorous, to romantic and ethereal. This will absolutely bring out the royalty in you!


Keep the “wow” factor going on your wedding day by adorning your hair with a stunning headpiece. All eyes are on you when you walk down the aisle in this beautifully shaped crown filled with Swarovski crystals and clusters of flower-shaped pearls. One thing about headpieces on your wedding day is that they should compliment your wedding veils.

This wedding headpiece will add dimension to your outfit along with the colour, sparkle and fun–and in many cases be worn in addition to the veil.


When a bride is planning her big day, oftentimes the focus is more on the wedding gown–but wedding headpieces can be very essential in achieving that stunning wedding look. And with this Mackensie Halo, you will make your groom fall in love with you even more. The Mackensie wedding halo combines clear, white opal, ivory cream, and silk ultra-precise, man-made crystals, off-white & ivory mother of pearl leaves, and ivory navette-shaped synthetic pearls of exceptional quality. So if you are someone who wishes to keep it simple yet very elegant, this one’s for you!


This particular headpiece brings out a whimsical theme, almost fairytale-like in its delicateness. This halo is constructed on a ribbon-bound rose gold base and adorned with champagne marquise crystals, clear crystal flowers, ivory leaf mother of pearl, and opal crystals. It is modern and fuss-free and everything that we want on a headpiece: sleek, unusual, elegant and definitely tops the list for wear-it-again potential. This will definitely make a statement on your wedding day!

Final Thoughts

Wedding headpieces can be great accessories–if you choose the right one. The right headpiece can elevate your look, embody your style and bring out the queen in you.

With a lot of options in the market, it can be overwhelming. But do not be afraid to ask for help, after all, it is your big day. If you want to check out more of our astonishing wedding headpieces, then check out our collection in Kayrouz Bridal, from bridal jewellery, wedding veils, and bridal gowns, we got you covered. For enquiries to schedule an in-store appointment, call our direct line on 02 9262 2151 today.