The Doltone House BERTA Trunk Show: A Stunning Bridal Spectacle

Brides are bound to radiate with the Colony Fall/Winter 2021 collection. The magical and exquisite collection was showcased at the Doltone House Hyde Park, Wedding Open House on the 11th of March, a collaborative event by Doltone House and Kayrouz Bridal. Brides were given an exclusive preview of the bridal collection straight from the runway.

In this F/W assemblage, fashion-forward brides are taken deeper into the world of luxury, couture and drama with magical designs that are distinctly BERTA. These bridal couture pieces are a beautiful blend of rich fabrics, standout details, glamorous elements, refreshing twists on traditional silhouettes, and, of course, a whole lot of glam. Imagine intricate beadworks, sparkling veils, floral abundance, detachable overskirts, puffy and regal sleeves, and even 3D floral lace finishes.

Doltone House Bridal Show

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While the bridal looks undeniably carry our signature styles, there are also design structures that offer fresh takes on classic bridal looks. With new cuts, fabrics, and materials, brides are in for a wider range of gracefully crafted looks, from beaded to lace wedding dresses. This collection is for the sophisticated and confident woman who is not afraid to express herself through a gorgeous and glittering ensemble.

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Known for its contemporary and luxurious finishes, the Doltone House was the perfect setting to bring the bridal collection to life. Newly engaged couples had the opportunity to take a tour of Hyde Park and experience the catering and hospitality service of Doltone House. The wedding event likewise featured a set up from three of the most celebrated stylists in the industry, Anna Wang Stylist, Starlight Chandeliers, and Doltone House Styling, giving brides a better feel of how this magical venue can look on the actual big day. 

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The riveting runway moment featuring the Colony Fall/Winter 2021 collection at the Doltone House was just one of the Trunk Shows hosted by Kayrouz Bridal this year. Kayrouz Bridal is an authorised seller of BERTA. You can purchase pieces from this and other collections by visiting us at 25 King Street, Sydney, or browsing the plethora of choices online.

Watch the Event video here Kayrouz Bridal and Daltone House present Berta Bridal Showcase.

Doltone House Event

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