Sparkly and Embellished Wedding Gowns for the Glamorous Bride

If you were recently engaged, chances are you’re now scouring for wedding gown inspirations online. Choosing a wedding dress may seem exciting for brides-to-be, but it can become a daunting task once you find yourself adding too many pins for hours on end. However challenging, deciding on what gown to wear on your special day is a task that only you can make. If you find yourself lost in a sea of online brochures and magazines, we’re here to make wedding dress hunting easier for you. 

This article will highlight two of the hottest wedding gown trends- Sparkly and embellished gowns. Although there is a growing interest in minimalist wedding dresses in recent years, a large percentage of women still prefer wearing ornate and sophisticated gowns on their wedding day. Although a wedding is an occasion meant to celebrate the union of a man and a woman, it is the latter who is meant to shine and stand out from the sea of people. Wearing a dress that features shimmering fabrics and gorgeous embellishments will certainly leave your groom and guests in awe. If you are leaning towards sparkly or embellished gowns, here are tips that will certainly help you decide what will look stunning as you walk down the aisle. 

  • Laced Gowns

A wedding dress adorned with lace is perfect for women who want to look majestic during their big day. This fabric represents timeless beauty and delicate elegance. The dualistic quality of lace makes it the perfect embellishment for all types of wedding dresses. Lace skims that are neatly applied on top of fabrics are eye-catching. They can draw attention away from unsightly bumps and lumps caused by sheer fabrics. The addition of intricate lace designs breaks the monotony and adds much-needed texture to ivory and white-coloured gowns. The versatile function and sophisticated aesthetics of lace make it one of the most popular wedding dress embellishments. 

The Berta Milan is the perfect example of an elegantly laced embellished wedding frock. It’s the perfect match for women who are planning a fairy-tail wedding with their respective prince charming. These lace embroidered straps beautifully rest a few inches above the shoulder, giving off an ultra-feminine finish to the dress. The elegant bodice is full-on lace that extends below the waistline. The rich aesthetics of this dress will make you look like a royal on your wedding day.

  • Illusion Mesh Fabric

Wedding dresses that utilise illusion fabric is an excellent way to showcase intricate embellishments while showing a bit of skin. The illusion netting is a fabric that not only gives you a sultry look, but an opportunity to showcase your silhouette. Illusion netting is typically combined with the use of lace appliques in different textures and opacity. The mesh fabric also keeps all embellishments in their proper place, so you won’t feel uncomfortable from ceremony to reception. 

A gorgeous wedding gown that showcases illusion mesh fabric and stunning lace appliques is the Berta Privee in 20-P111. The gown features a captivating lace pattern from head to tea. The sweetheart wide plunge neckline ends at the waistline adorned with a classic bow. The back portion of the dress is just as beautiful and sultry. A series of pearls line down the spine and end a few inches below the waist. The dress includes a train embellished with a unique lace design that mimics classic ivory carvings.

  • Shimmering Tulle 

Tulle has always been one of the most popular fabrics among brides due to its lightweight feel and whimsical aesthetics. It also facilitates easy movement, so you can truly enjoy your wedding without having to carry the bottom part of the dress wherever you go. To make your wedding gown shine bright like a diamond, you may want to consider the use of sparkly tulle fabric. The glittering materials that are embedded in the fabric are lightweight, so you can move freely while remaining elegant as ever. 

If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, you must check out the Fernanda Muse Dress by Berta. The fabric is made from tulle with patterns that glitter when struck by light. The A-line flowy skirt and the medium-size train is perfect if you want a simple but eye-catching dress on your wedding day. The V-neckline bodice is supported by an illusion mesh, while the tulle ties accentuate the collarbones and shoulder portions for a gorgeous finish. If you want to look and feel good from head to toe, you may want to include the Muse Dress in your wedding dress options. 

If you want to check out more sparkly and lavishly embellished wedding dresses, check out our catalogue here.  Kayrouz Bridal offers an impressive collection of wedding dresses and evening gowns at reasonable prices. To book an appointment with us or if you have other questions, you may call our direct line on (02) 9262 2151 today.

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