Minimalist Bridal Dresses: 3 Styles to Lookout For

Simplicity does not automatically equate to being boring and ordinary. With the right design, style, and fabric, a simple bridal gown can appear more elegant and eye-catching than the grand, extravagant ones. 

If you’re a bride-to-be who prefers simple than lavish wedding gowns, you’d be thrilled to know that our collection of BERTA bridal gowns include minimalist designs. Of course, the distinct BERTA touch of contemporary-meets-traditional is never left out on these timeless, figure-flattering pieces.

To narrow down your search, we’re listing down the basic minimalist styles that will still leave your guests in awe and your groom breathless.

1. A-Line Wedding Gown

One can never go wrong with an A-line gown as a wedding dress. This skirt cut is not only comfortable but also flattering to wear. Its classic, clean, and sleek look are perfect for brides who want to have a simple, yet tasteful formal wedding. A-lines are far from the common misconception of being too safe. This traditional cut can take on a modern twist and make it just as show-stopping. 

What We Recommend: When it comes to choosing an A-line wedding dress, pick one that is layered with lace and tulle. These fabrics make A-line gowns appear more modern with touches of softness. If you are looking for A-line dresses that look far from ordinary, this one from Jolie Bridal spells strikingly straightforward. It comes with a V-plunge bodice, V-back, and narrow shoulder straps. The waist is well defined with its delicate belt that flows into an A-line skirt layered with lace and tulle. 

2. A Lace Wedding Dress

Of course, a bride’s list of options is never without the lace wedding dress. But, wait, isn’t it too dressy to be minimal in style? We say, not! Lacey fabrics are the epitome of femininity and elegance. It’s just the right amount of sexy and charming. And with the right design, it could be unpretentious and simple too. The lace fabric’s exquisite look is adored by brides who fancy classic, romantic, and sophisticated aesthetics.

What We Recommend: Nail the minimalist lace bridal dress with uncomplicated cuts and details. To leave a lasting impression on your wedding day, consider wearing a bridal gown that seamlessly incorporates gorgeous lace elements like this Muse by Berta dress. The lace pattern on this one beautifully creates a flattering silhouette. It comes with a low V-neckline and illusion mesh. Even without a train, it still creates a phenomenal impression. 

3. Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress

There’s something about off-the-shoulder dresses that make a woman exude fun, confidence, and even a bit of mystery. This type of dress is perfect for almost every wedding theme, from the beach to the garden, from barnyard to ballroom. It’s a classic in the sense that it’s a reminiscence of Renaissance Medieval, but it’s also very contemporary as evident in today’s trendy designs. Off-the-shoulder accentuates a woman’s structure splendidly, from the chest up. They allow the bride to modestly show some skin to beautifully don allure and sweetness at the same time.  

What We Recommend: Off-the-shoulder sleeves add a nice touch to almost every gown there is. To create a dreamy, sophisticated look, we recommend pairing an off-the-shoulder silhouette with layers of soft tulle, intricate lace detailing, and a corset-style bodice. There are a lot of off-the-shoulder pieces from our BERTA and Jolie Bridal collections, but we love how this one from Muse by Berta Barcelona remains to be minimal despite its complex lace and tulle work. 

Minimalist but Magnificent

The wedding day is a milestone moment for many. It comes as no surprise that brides spend a lot of time and effort to have a beautiful, unforgettable wedding, which highly includes finding the dress. Even when you are setting your sight on a minimalist gown, the search isn’t necessarily simple. It could still be daunting.

Remember these three styles to make your gown hunting easier. Take time to search for the dress you want to say “I do” in and make sure to enjoy the process. Whatever you end up choosing, keep in mind that the best way to look divine in any dress is to feel confident in your choice! 

Eager to find the right dress? Visit us at King Street, Sydney, NSW, or browse online our collection of minimalist and embellished wedding dresses. 

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