Fishtail Wedding Dresses We Love

Many brides fall in love with fishtail wedding dress styles due to their excellent balance between elegance and practicality. It looks fabulous as it hugs every curve of the body without sacrificing comfort. 

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about fishtail wedding dresses, from how to walk down the aisle with sophistication to what type of undergarments to wear. 

What is a fishtail wedding dress?

The fishtail silhouette is tightly fitted along the entire length of the upper torso down to the knee area. The fabric then flares out in an impressive swoosh. The mermaid style is a classic silhouette for brides who want to stand out in the crowd. 

One common misconception about fishtail wedding dresses is that they are only meant to be worn by slim or slender brides. This dress style looks more stunning among voluptuous and curvy women. When the curves are in the right places and feature the perfect proportion, the fishtail wedding dress will definitely look good on its wearer. 

Is there a difference between a fit and flare, trumpet, and fishtail wedding dress?

A fit-and-flare wedding dress terminates the fit silhouette higher up the body. For instance, wedding dresses that swing above the knee are considered a fit-and-flare dress. On the other hand, a trumpet wedding dress swings in a slightly different region of the body when compared to a fishtail wedding dress. This is why many brides mistake trumpet dresses for modern fishtail gowns. 

How can you walk with confidence wearing a fishtail wedding dress?

While space and movement are unrestricted for brides wearing ball gowns or a-line wedding gowns, the same can be said when one wears a fishtail wedding dress. The comfort and manoeuvrability in a fishtail wedding dress lies in the interior construction and design of the dress. Depending on the designer, a fishtail gown is made more comfortable thanks to its inverted V-shape design. The flare at the knee level will give your legs more room for movement. You won’t have a hard time walking down the aisle when you’re wearing a fishtail wedding dress. If you choose a bespoke fishtail wedding dress, you can make certain modifications to accommodate the activities that brides perform during their wedding. 

For some brides, they choose the fishtail dress to intentionally restrict a few movements, which in turn allows them to walk and move more gracefully during their wedding. Due to its figure-hugging design, you can fully accentuate your hourglass figure due to the restrictive quality of the design. This only applies to brides who prioritise aesthetics over function. The same brides usually change to a more comfortable dress during the reception; hence it is not a nuisance to wear fishtail wedding dresses during the ceremony proper. 

Customising fishtail wedding dresses for the big day 

There are many ways you can make a traditional fishtail wedding dress as your own. Apart from the flattering cut, you can add plenty of fabulous sparkles on its surface. You may choose a fabric embedded with sparkling gems or Swarovski crystals, or you may choose to install embellishments with the help of your wedding gown designer. 

If you still want the traditional train with your fishtail dress, you can have this made by a seasoned designer as well. Fishtail wedding dresses can be made with a train of your preferred length. They can be detached after the ceremony, so a bride can walk more freely when entertaining guests during the reception part of their wedding. 

Fishtail wedding dresses are constructed with delicate and flexible fabrics. Silk fishtail wedding gowns and lace fishtail wedding dresses are the most popular options for women as they soften the overall aesthetic of the dress itself. 

A fishtail dress can be embellished with appliques as well. The gorgeous bodice can be accessorised with beads of your choosing. Some prefer the embellishments concentrated on certain parts, such as the neckline to frame the decolletage nicely. Some brides also love fishtail wedding dresses with embellished shoulder straps that allow for maximum comfort and support. 

Modern fishtail designs incorporate additional features for customisation. Backless fishtail wedding dresses are perfect for summer weddings. Off-shoulder fishtail wedding dress designs are preferred by women who want to accentuate their collarbones and shoulders. Due to the versatility base design of fishtail wedding dresses, you can customise it with different types of features. Just don’t go overboard with incorporating too many embellishments or features in one dress. 

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