Why Do Brides Wear Veils?

It’s a typical heartwarming scene. A bride walks down the aisle with her face fully covered, but as soon as she is ‘un-veiled’, one can see and even hear the surge of smiles, gasps, and tears—the groom and the crowd all aflutter! 

The sheer and thin layer of fabric covering the bride’s face is not only there for aesthetics. When you look deeper, it can stir emotions the moment it is put on till it is removed. For some, it is simply a statement piece that adds to the look, but for some, it is a symbolic and sentimental element. A wedding veil is one accessory that adds an exquisite touch to the bride’s wedding gown. 

It’s classic. It’s historical. It’s even essential to some. The meaning that surrounds the age-old tradition is clothed in mystery and myths. Let’s find out the different beliefs that surround this spellbinding fabric. 

Here are some of the many reasons brides wear veils throughout history: 

  • As a shield to ward off evil spirits

One of our favourite wedding accessory’s earliest origins is the darkest. Some olden cultures believed that dark entities try to take away their blessings and happiness when a woman is about to be wed. Thus, they wear veils, which were usually red in colour, so that demons would think that they are on fire and ward off curses. The red colour then transitioned into white so that the bride’s face would be blurry beyond evil’s recognition.

  • To symbolise purity

Another ancient symbolism of the veil is signifying virginity. It means that the bride is remained ‘untouched’. This lore is also like how bridal dresses were made in white to symbolise innocence as well. 

  • To surprise the groom

Dating back to the days when people largely practised arranged marriage. They considered women a “gift” while the wedding veil serves as the ‘gift wrapper’. Brides were often ‘hidden’ from the groom until the partnership was consummated. Eventually, the ‘Kiss the Bride’ portion of the wedding is when the groom finally takes off the layer of lace or tulle to reveal their bride to be seen for the first time.

  • To stop brides from running away

Veils were once always long and heavy. It was said to be designed in that manner to prevent brides from having cold feet since the veil will weigh them down if they ever try to run away. This, of course, owes to the fact that they are meeting their grooms for the first time! It is believed that runaway brides couldn’t get far with their long train dragging behind them.

  • To add the finishing touch to the most important dress of your life

After everything is said and done, myths are debunked, and traditions fade, but the wedding veil still stands strong. On top of every list of wedding accessories, veils often take the spot after the timeless wedding gown. Even though you haven’t given its origin and history any thought, some brides purely wear wedding veils for their visual appeal. It adds a mesmerising detail to the most meaningful dress of your life. 

Make it Matter

No matter your reason for wearing the veil, it will be one of the most memorable parts of your bridal ensemble. Whether you opt for Queen Victoria’s classic cascading veil, a lace-trimmed cathedral veil, a minimalist blusher veil for modern bridal dresses, or even a beaded birdcage one to match your beaded wedding gown—the veil you choose will reflect your charm and your style. 

Have the flowers of your wedding bouquet or even your favourite bible verse embroidered to make it more personalised. It becomes a keepsake that even your children can inherit to use in their own wedding. So, do not think twice about incorporating a flowing trail of fairytale-like sparkle into your look.

A veil transforms a woman in a white dress into a blushing bride. Picking bridal dresses is an intimate and personal experience, but throw in a veil into the mix, and it becomes much more than just a look. It is taking part in a rich, colourful (and sometimes controversial) history and using it to start your own. 

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