7 Essential Factors To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

Saying “Yes” to a destination wedding sounds exciting! Apart from saying “yes” to your future spouse, a destination wedding is like a dream come true. Over the years, this wedding idea has gained popularity due to its romantic atmosphere and the convenience of combining a wedding and honeymoon into one. So we can’t blame you if you are planning to have it on your dream day. Not to spoil your excitement, planning a wedding alone is already a tough task but for a destination wedding–you have to be a lot more prepared.

We understand how this sounds terrifying but we are here to help you turn this dream wedding into reality. We have laid out the most helpful tips so you can sail smoothly to Happily Ever After.

Tips For A Successful Destination Wedding You Should Know

  • Ask Yourself First–” Why Do You Want A Destination Wedding”?

Why do you want a destination wedding? This is a significant factor before diving into a whole load of preparation. Maybe you have always wanted this as a child, an intimate wedding somewhere across the country with your loved ones or you have always dreamt of having a perfect lakeside wedding in Lake Como. It can also be because both you and your partner love travelling and want to start your marriage the right way. Or you want to get married in an exotic location–somewhere you have not been to when you were still single. It can also be because you want to say “I Do” somewhere in Morocco wearing an embellished wedding dress. Whatever your reason is plays an important role before all the preparation commences.

  • Make Sure You Can Legally Get Married In Your Destination Wedding Location

Legal requirements vary depending on where you want to tie the knot. Some countries as sad as it is, still don’t permit same-sex marriage, some also require residency for weeks or months to have a legal ceremony performed. In these cases, it is best to perform a wedding ceremony in your home country before flying out. Additionally, getting married locally is good for relatives and guests who cannot make the trip to Spain or Bali. 


  • Set A Budget and Make Your Travel Plans Accordingly

While many people decide to tie the knot somewhere just within reach, others decide to go off to another city or country for a destination wedding. We can’t blame them, a destination wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is very important to set a budget and make sure to stay within it. Wedding costs are no joke, so you must choose a destination that fits your budget and considers all of your options before saying yes to it. Weigh in the pros and cons of each destination, and think of the number of guests, the wedding theme, the size of the wedding party, and any other factor that is significant for you. 


  • Take Into Consideration The Climate And The Season

So you decided that you want to get married in Santorini, Greece, such a picturesque place it is! Based on its climate and season–the best months to get married in Santorini are from April to October because these months are the warmest and driest seasons which means more sunshine and blue skies for you! Different climates and seasons can have a major impact on your wedding. For example, if the sunshine and blue skies are what you have in mind on your wedding day, getting married in Greece in December is not for you. Additionally, if what you have planned is an outdoor wedding to show off your beautiful lace wedding dress, you will not want to get married in a rainy season. And most importantly, certain seasons may be more crowded and expensive than others so make sure to check the weather forecast.


  • Research Local Customs and Tradition

When planning a destination wedding, it is critical to do some research first when it comes to local customs and traditions–make sure that everything that you have in mind for your dream day is in line with the local customs and traditions. Take into consideration what is appropriate and acceptable in terms of attire, decoration, and the general atmosphere of the wedding. Making sure that you are familiar with this will make your wedding day go smoothly and memorable!


  • Book The Date and Buy Tickets ASAP

Some wedding venues need to be booked 18 months in advance. Once you can secure the date and location, and send out the dates to your guests, you do not have to wait for a formal invitation. You can make a website or send out an email—provide your guests with detailed information and be prepared to advise about accommodation. Set proper expectations when it comes to wedding themes, attire, and venue. Doing these can make your day go smoothly as planned.


  • Hire A Reliable and Professional Wedding Planner

This one plays a very important role in making your dream day a success. Make sure to hire a wedding planner–someone that you can trust. They can help you research the area, choose a destination that fits your budget, have a full understanding of culture and language, and much more. You can also opt to hire local photographers, suppliers, and vendors—those who have a proven track record when it comes to their craft. Additionally, hiring a wedding planner saves you time, keeps you from unnecessary headaches, and can help you stay organised and on track throughout the whole process. Take time to research, ask for referrals, read reviews, check their social media and look for someone who has proven experience working on weddings abroad. 


Wrapping It Up

Getting married abroad has its pros and cons–it is not going to be a walk in the park. You must be prepared for everything that may happen along the way. And keep in mind that wherever you decide to tie the knot–the most important thing is you are surrounded by the people who truly love you.

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