Tips On How to Choose the Best Accessories for your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is both exciting and chaotic. From coming up with a guest line, deciding on a menu to finding your dream wedding gown. But apart from your wedding gown, you need to consider the accessories to pair it with.  Choosing the right accessories will elevate and complete your look on your special day. As a bride, you can choose to accessorise your look with jewellery, shoes, veil, tiara, and many others. 

Before shopping for accessories, here are accessorising tips that will help you find one that perfectly matches with your wedding gown. 

  • Match the Metal with the Dress

This may not have occurred to you, but some precious metals and jewellery pieces look good when paired with certain dress colours. By rule, ivory, cream, ecru, and similar shades look best when paired with gold accents. Gold accessories highlight the natural creamy complexion of fabrics. For instance, this exquisitely elegant Berta Miami dress will look good when adorned with gold drop earrings or a golden tiara atop a fabulous sleek hairstyle.  

On the other hand, immaculate white wedding gowns such as this stunning Berta Athens off-shoulder bridal gown will look polished to perfection when accessorised with a silver pendant or platinum choker. 

If your chosen dress already features intricate beadwork and embellishments, you only need small detailing to complete your wedding day look. If your gown has gold beading, it’s best to choose a bracelet or earring with hints of gold. If you’re having as beach wedding and opting for a light and airy evening gown in place of a traditional wedding gown, we highly recommend selecting this dazzling Berta Evening gown with a plunging V-neckline with simple gold bracelet or earrings. You will stand out shining as you walk down the aisle at any time of day.

  • Less is More

Do not over accessories. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we genuinely understand the desire of brides to look their best during this special day. But this shouldn’t mean you need to go overboard on your accessories. Simple, minimalist beauty is both sophisticated and striking. To that end, expert stylists recommend choosing one or two accessories to pair with your bridal gown. 

Bear in mind that the primary function of accessories is to complement the dress. This means that it shouldn’t steal the spotlight away from the person wearing the dress. Wearing too many accessories may conceal the main motif or look you’re aiming for.

For bridal dresses with intricate necklines such as the Hailey Muse by Berta Vista Mare, it’s best to pick simple yet elegant drop earrings to complete the look. Wearing a necklace over an ornate neckline will totally diminish the natural glamour of your dress, not to mention hide your best features. 

Consequently, bridal gowns in simpler styles should be complemented with intricate and bold accessories, such as necklaces, tiaras, or shoes. This classy Jolie Bridal gown will look more regal when paired with a platinum or diamond studded necklace. Your hairstyle will also dictate the type of accessory that you can wear on your wedding day. If you are planning a sleek updo, you should definitely choose drop or chandelier earrings for a dramatic look. On the other hand, if you choose to leave your hair down, experts say pairing it with stud or pearl earrings will complete a stunning look. Another useful tip is to avoid accessories with designs that are similar to the embellishments on your bridal gown. The key to accessorising is to mix and match, so avoid accessories that will make you look overly coordinated. 

  • Wear your Personal Style with Confidence

It’s natural for brides to have the desire to look like a majestic princess on their wedding day. Although you will need to look more fabulously different from your daily look, it’s always best to opt for a makeup that highlights your accents and not totally change your appearance. Opt to wear bridal accessories that reflect your personality. For an ultra-feminine look, why not use a tiara as your main accessory? For free-spirited brides who want to look naturally beautiful on their special day, you can accessorise your look with a nice pair of low-heels or a hairband to add whimsy to your look. 

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