The Bride’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Oh, the silhouettes to try, the fabrics to feel, the beads to touch! One of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding is finding the perfect wedding dress. But with all the glamorous bridal dresses you’ve seen, it can be quite overwhelming to decide on one piece. Don’t fret—we’ve come up with a quick yet useful guide that will help you find the perfect wedding dress for the perfect wedding day.

  • Know what you want to feel when you wear it.

It’s a given that you want (and you will!) feel beautiful when you wear your wedding dress, but think of the specifics: Do you want to feel modern? Traditional? Vintage? Sexy? When you know what you want to feel while wearing your bridal gown, it will be easier for you to envision a look that you want it to have.

If you want to feel sexy and classy, we recommend the Fiona Muse by Berta Florence. This designer gown with mesh and beaded lace gives that classy yet modern and sexy vibe. 

On the other hand, if you want to feel elegantly sophisticated, this Jolie Bridal would be perfect for you: simple, elegant, and chic.

  • Consider the venue and the time of the year.

Dress hunting could be dreamy but it’s also all about logistics. No matter how beautiful it looked on the Duchess of Sussex you can’t possibly have something as heavy-looking as her wedding dress if you’re going for a beach wedding in the middle of summer. 

From the get-go, it’s important to decide on your wedding theme to find the right venue and set the right date, along the way making sure you are finding the right dress that fits these details. For instance, if you’ve always pictured your walk-down-the-aisle to be in a traditional church followed by a classic party, a feminine gown like this Berta Milan wedding dress is your best pick. 

If you are feeling more edgy and unconventional for your outdoor boho wedding, a gypsy-themed dress would be great. 

  • Make sure it’s comfortable.

No matter how gorgeous your designer dress is, if you’re not able to move comfortably the whole evening, it’s just not worth it. Be sure you’re comfortable in it by sitting, standing, walking, and dancing when you try it on at the store. Of course, you don’t have to sacrifice its beauty, but make sure that beauty is partnered with comfort.

If glam and comfort are your priorities, the Fabia Muse by Berta Florence may be just what you’re looking for. Not only is it one of the most timeless wedding gowns you’ve ever seen, but it will also allow you to enjoy, socialize, and party on your special night with its comfortable nature.

  • Be open-minded with your choices.

Do not be fooled by the presumed plainness of a dress on the hanger. What seems mediocre in front of you may end up looking stunning once it’s on you. Also, for example, if you’ve sworn that you don’t want beads on your gown, be sure to still keep an open mind. What you previously didn’t want to consider might just grow on you.

If you feel that you want a bold and extraordinary gown, try to take a look at the opposite—such as this Berta Milan piece. Simple and elegant, this dress might just change your mind. 

When you’re more leaning towards simple, don’t be afraid to try something more such as this dramatically detailed Berta Athens. Keeping an open mind about your options might just give you a pleasant surprise.

  • At the end of the day, choose the dress that feels right.

As cliché as it may sound, choosing a wedding dress, means following what your heart tells you. While it’s great to get feedback from friends, be sure you go for the dress that feels right for you and not anyone else. The dress should make you feel confident and beautiful as you celebrate your special night with your spouse-to-be.

We understand that saying yes to a dress is a difficult decision to make that requires commitment. But just enjoy the search and we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect one for you. You got this, beautiful bride! 

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