Wedding Dress Styles That Will Make Your Husband-To-Be Fall in Love With You All Over Again

When women envision their wedding day, their attention doesn’t turn to wedding venues, favours, or catering. Instead, their main focus is the dress they are about to wear. Even soon-to-be brides who aren’t too involved in their wedding planning dedicate valuable time to picking their dream bridal dress. But before you go out and look for the perfect wedding gown for your special day, there are a few things that you need to consider. 

Always Have a Budget in Mind

Like other elements of your wedding, setting a budget is imperative before diving into the activity of picking a wedding dress. You need to be honest and upfront about the money you are willing to spend on your gown. Most of the time, brides get caught up once they find the bridal gown of their dreams until they are notified of the price tag. You may also ask a consultant to simply show you dresses that are within your budget to make the selection process easier. 

Here are a few pointers that will help you manage your bridal gown budget:

  • Ball gowns require more fabric, so they cost more than other wedding dress styles. If you have a limited budget, it may be best to opt for gowns featuring narrower silhouettes. 
  • Trains require additional fabric which translates to additional expense. If the train has additional embellishment such as beading and embroidery, expect to pay a premium. Instead of outfitting your bridal gown with a try, opt for a long veil instead. 
  • A heavily constructed bridal dress will cost more than dresses without built-in boning corsets and multiple layers of fabric and lining. Instead, you may opt to wear a separate corset underneath or reduce the layers of fabric in the construction of your wedding gown. 
  • Handiwork such as beading and embroidery will hike up the price of your wedding gown. A simple and elegant dress that compliments your figure and measurement will make you stand out on your wedding day. 
  • Lace is an expensive fabric and will automatically increase the price tag on your wedding dress. Experts recommend opting for lace trim or skipping the lace if you want to stick to your budget. 

Choose a Dress that Reflects your Style

Your closet says a lot about your style. It is always best to stick to your fashion taste rather than go the opposite direction. You will look and feel better if you stick to the silhouettes and styles that you are comfortable wearing daily. For instance, if your closet is filled with clothing pieces in solid colours and construction, consider a clean, minimalist dress. If you love colours and prints, consider a bridal gown with a nude underlay and off-white lace.

Consider your Body Type

Choose a bridal gown that will best complement your body type. While it is your every right to customise your wedding gown, you also need to consider variables that can be challenging to modify such as your natural curves, weight, and height. A wedding consultant will help you decide whether a mermaid-style bridal gown or A-Line gown will look best for your frame. 

The Different Wedding Gown Styles

Apart from your height, weight, and body shape, you also need to choose a dress style. Your fashion taste, personality, and lifestyle will help you narrow down your choices, helping you in the gown-selection process. Your comfort is also an important factor, so make sure to pick a gown that will not only look good but feel good, from the matrimonial ceremony to reception. Other factors that require serious consideration are your wedding theme, location, and time of the year. For instance, if you are planning a church wedding, choose a modest, not-so revealing style. On the other hand, you can reveal a bit of skin when you are holding your ceremony at the beach or an outdoor location. Your dress should be cohesive with the theme and other external factors surrounding your wedding. 

  • A-Line

This dress is slim around the bodice, fitted through the waist region, and gently flaring away waist down. The silhouette of an A-line dress resembles the letter A, thus is known to be flattering for most body types. 

  • Ballerina

If you want to show off your legs, the ballerina-style dress is an excellent option to include in your loss. If you are planning a vintage-themed wedding, then consider choosing from ballerina-length wedding gowns.

  • Ball Gown 

Ball gowns are a classic choice for traditional and modern weddings. It features a boned bodice and a full skirt with crinolines underneath for support. If you are on the petite side, a ball gown is ideal for your silhouette. 

  • Empire

Empire-cut downs are characterised by a high waist that starts just under the bustline. This silhouette conceals a short waist and a heavier lower body. 

  • Mermaid

If you want your hourglass figure to stand out, the mermaid dress will be the perfect style for you. This dress is snug on the torso then beautifully flares out from around the knee. However, your movement may be restricted by wearing a mermaid-style bridal gownspan style=”font-weight: 400;”>. 

Whatever bridal gown style you choose, it is recommended to choose from a reputable boutique that offers a wide range of wedding dress styles. At Kayrouz Bridal, we present you with stunning collections that complement the lifestyle and taste of modern women. Should you wish to schedule a fitting, you may schedule an appointment by calling our direct line on +61 2 9262 2151 today.