The Most Beautiful Bridal Dresses for Summer

It’s been a bitter cold few months and I speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait for summer to arrive. Summer brides are especially excited for the warm weather as they  prepare for their big day. If you’re in the process of choosing a bridal dress for your summer wedding, here are tips that will help you make a wiser decision once you finally hit the shops to find the perfect wedding gown. 

  • Consider your Body Type

Regardless of season, it’s best to always be mindful of your body type. The dress silhouette must complement your neckline and the rest of your body. This can be somewhat hard to face for brides-to-be who already have a specific style in mind. Bear in mind that you will look your best when you are wearing a wedding dress that perfectly complements your body types as opposed to wearing a dress which you think will look good on you. 

The perfect dress will hide imperfections and boost your assets. Apart from visual appeal, comfort should be a top priority, too. A wedding is a full-day affair, so you  need to look and feel your best to ensure that you will be focused on celebrating the occasion rather than being consumed by feelings of discomfort and uneasiness. 

For women with a slender frame, the Berta Milan, a Berta Bridal gown, is a gown worth considering. This 40s-style inspired bridal dress features a V-shaped ruched bodice adorned with delicate pearl straps. The wide waistband elegantly hugs the waistline, giving you shape in the right places. 

  • Choose Light and Breathable Fabrics

For summer, opt for natural fabrics that are known for their lightweight and breathable qualities. A silk wedding dress is definitely a hit among summer brides. Other fabric options that you can choose from are chiffon, organza, and tulle as they are extremely light and will ensure both comfort and beauty as you walk down the aisle this summer. Laced fabrics such as those used in this opulent and elegantly designed Hila Muse by Berta Vista Mare will allow your skin to breathe, especially if you are planning an indoor wedding ceremony or reception. This gown features a timeless strapless design with a laced corset and bodice accessorised with sophisticated flower applique. The A-line skirt is made from tulle, so you won’t end up feeling sticky and comfortable underneath the dress. 

  • Add Hoops to your Bridal Grown

Princess-style wedding gowns are not the most comfortable to wear, but if you’re looking for a bridal gown that guarantees you stay cool and composed throughout the day, adding hoops into the petticoat lining of your gown is an excellent idea. The hoops will help to keep the fabric away from your legs, thus ensuring good air circulation under the gown. 

  • Consider the Type, Location, and Style of your Wedding

The location of your wedding is an important factor to consider when choosing a dress for your wedding day. If you’re planning a beach wedding for summer, it’s ideal to choose bridal gowns with light flowing fabrics. Choose a wedding gown fabric that does not attract dirt or dust easily or make the necessary measures to protect your grown from staining too easily. Another excellent expert recommendation is to choose a bridal dress with a shorter skirt length. The Berta Evening dress is perfect for garden or beach weddings. The enchanting design features a structured bodice adorned with diagonal ruching and wide off-shoulder sleeves that will accentuate the collarbone and highlight your face all the more. The ball gown skirt is three-quarter length finished so you don’t have to worry about a trail that can slow down or limit your movement during the wedding. 

  • Choose a Versatile Bridal Gown

Choose a wedding dress that has the option of a shrug or bolero to cover your shoulders. If you are planning an outdoor wedding in the morning or midday, the last thing that you want is getting sunburnt, leaving your skin looking redl and painful during reception. 

  • Avoid Fishtail Gowns in Summer

Fitted dress styles such as mermaid dresses will look out of place for a casual outdoor summer wedding. Additionally, this is also a very warm choice since your legs will be close together. It will be very uncomfortable once you start sweating underneath the dress. Instead, choose a looser, softer wedding gown design, so you won’t have a hard time moving around and enjoying yourself during your big day.

Kayrouz Bridal offers a long list of bridal dress designs that are perfect for the upcoming summer. We are known for our intricate, elegant, embellished wedding dresses that reflect the strength and aesthetic taste of modern women. If you wish to learn more about Kayrouz Bridal or to schedule a bridal gown appointment in Sydney, call our direct line on (02) 9262 2151 today.