How did you meet?

We met in Vegas 2019 when my husband was at his brother-in-law’s bucks party and I was on a trip with my friends.
I was waiting for my friends in front of the restroom and he asked me to go out for a drink. However, I had too much alcohol that night so I said no to him, then he asked me what about food.

I said yes cause I was hungry, and I gave him my instagram. But then he fell asleep due to the time difference, so we couldn’t meet again during the trip.  But he was constantly messaging me, and he came to Korea and I showed him around, and we went to Japan together. Couple of months later, I decided to come to Australia to study English, and then Covid19 hit the world, shut the border to I was trapped. That’s how everything started.

How did he propose?

We were at Terrigal, he asked me to take a cute photo and I didn’t have any outfit for the day. So I went shopping, he packed a drone. Once we got back from shopping, we headed to the beach and started to walk along the waterside. Then he asked me to let’s take a photo here, so we set up the towel to sit on the sand. And then he popped the question and I said yes!

Tell us about your wedding dress journey at Kayrouz Bridal?

It was such an amazing experience. I felt so much caring from the team from the beginning to the day of my wedding. 

Whenever I had an issue, Nicole and the team helped me a lot and gave me an idea to solve it promptly. 

Communication was quick and smooth, and the service that I received was beyond expectation.

I still appreciate every help that I got from you.

Which Berta gown did you say YES to and what made you fall in love with this gown?

22-06 COMO collection. I was the one who couldn’t find the dress around the corner. I literally went to more than 10 bridal stores in Sydney, tried on 50 gowns, and bought 2 dresses before I said yes to this Berta gown but I wasn’t happy at all. It was such a hard journey to find ‘the dress’. And then I saw this gown on instagram, and fell in love with it at first sight. This dress was everything that I dreamed of. The material was delicate and sheer, long sleeves with the delicate roses was cherry on top, and the back with the magnificent finish of the details.

Overall figure is not too busy, but elegant yet powerful to catch my eyes. The volume of the skirt was decent as well. It wasn’t too heavy but flourishing softly. I majored in art, not in fashion but I can figured out that this one’s composition and arrangement is just perfect masterpiece. This gown was so unrivaled. After I tried on the dress, I couldn’t sleep before I said yes to this dress. If I have to pick out the one best choice that I’ve made in my life would be have this

Tell us about your Venue and Wedding theme?

My dad was dreaming of me to have my wedding in the garden with roses, so I organized an garden view venue for him. A soft beige and pink colour was the theme. 

We had a Lebanese wedding with some Korean guests, and we were more focused on how to enjoy the day with the mixed guest and we had a best time together. 

Lots of laugh, fun, dance, drink with families and friends.

What advice would you give to upcoming brides?

It is good to take an advice from others, but always remember that you are the bride who deserved to be happy. Don’t be afraid to make a big decision for yourself. 

I made couple of wrong decisions during my wedding journey and I still have a regret that why I did care about everyone else but me. Put your happiness first.


DRESS: @Kayrouzbridal @berta @bertabridal

HAIR: @Sophielaumakeup

MAKEUP: @Sophielaumakeup

FLORIST: @Vesnagrasso_floraleventdesign

PHOTOGRAPHER: @Saltatelier_wedding

VIDEOGRAPHER: @Saltatelier_wedding

VENUE: @Miramaregardens

WEDDING RINGS: @Affinitydiamonds

CAKE: @Artisancakes_sydney

THE GROOM WORE: @belanceworld