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Make a Wish

It was about two years ago on a Friday evening, we were having dinner at Kingsley’s. After our beautiful dinner we were walking to our car which was parked on Sussex Street and as we turned left coming out of Kingsley’s, I said to my husband Rony. “What is this beautiful building?”

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It was the Heritage Post Office and Bank of Sydney and I leaned up close on the window so I could peer inside and just fell in love with the space and thought this would be a perfect room for a bridal store.  Rony said, “Remember what your friend Dario said, “Watch what you wish for” then  I made a wish in front of the building and walked away.

On Saturday 17 October, Kayrouz Bridal was officially opened in the breathtaking Heritage Post Office of Sydney located at 25 King Street  in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

Interior designer Jamie had a challenging task ahead of her trying to balance the beauty of the Heritage building and bring to life this beautiful space. After several months on deciding on colours, fabrics, accessories and furniture the winning colour palette was a combination of golds, bronzes and creams.

In finding the perfect furniture pieces we had to reach out to Adora Interiors in Milan, Italy. Their furniture complimented the store and were elegant and classy. A very big thank you to Jelena who gave us flawless customer service and who was always at our complete disposal.

Once again we reached out to La Rosa in Milan Italy to find the perfect mannequins because of their expressive body language and shape. The coat hangers were specially designed and colour matched with the mannequins. A big thank you to Martina for her flexibility and ongoing support in ensuring our specific needs were met.

The gold brass racks and rolling rack were handcrafted by Lauren, a metal maker and master-craft man in his field. Endless weeks of polishing and welding to achieve the dynamic and flowing end result.

Another milestone was the making of the change room mirror created by Lauren and Paul. A team effort of balancing the logistics, design and structure to bring to life this truly outstanding and award-winning beautiful curved mirror.

To compliment the stunning mirror, Jamie chose a beautiful crushed satin material falling 4.5 meters from the ceiling to the floor creating a luxurious and spacious change room. A modern motorised change room curtain was made for a dramatic reveal for the bride and her guests. A big thank you to Sunder and Tony for all of their efforts in creating all the curtains in the space.

After months of struggling to find the perfect rug for the change room we struck gold at Armadillo finding the jute rug in the rich gold tones which tied everything together in the bridal store.

The reception desk is a feature of the bridal store handcrafted with an effective etched glass 360 degrees, in a soft bronze colour imported from Italy. The reception desk was designed as a multifunctional art piece to be used as a work station and display desk by day and a cocktail event feature by night. A big thank you to Paul and their team at Gerry’s Glass with their amazing efforts in creating the reception desk and change room mirror.

To our beautiful brides, just as we have taken our time and attention to detail in handcrafting this breathtaking space for you, we hope to be part of your journey in finding your special gown with the assistance of our friendly bridal stylists and consultants. We cannot wait to have you in store!

Berta Gowns

Lace Wedding Gown

Special Thanks To

The designer Berta and Director Nir Moscovich for supporting our new Sydney city store with the beautiful Berta collections.

Francesca& Santo  for all of your advice and support to make sure this store was going to be special

Silva Digital Kristy & Riz thank you for all of your hard work in creating a beautiful website

Jamie the most wonderful interior designer who gave me unconditional support throughout the whole process

Daniel our fabulous builder who ironed out all of our problems and made it all happen

Rauwad & Peter for your amazing guidance in the best  lighting for the store

Terry  for your attention to detail and painting from the heart

Donny, George & Bobby for your on going advice and support

Theo for your incredible support with everything architecture

Kayrouz & Gereige Family & friends for all of your on going support & encouragement

A Special Thank You to Inlighten Photography, Rachael & Jarrad for the most amazing images captured in store and really connecting with my journey in finding my dream space.

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