French-Inspired Garden Wedding Experience

In a stunning showcase of creativity and inspiration, photographer Sheri McMahon curated a meticulously designed ‘French Inspired Garden Wedding’ photoshoot for the accomplished fine art photographer Tracey.

Tracey, deeply captivated by film photography, enthusiastically embarked on her film journey. She was on a quest to find the most extraordinary film photographer in Australia, and in Sheri, she discovered her match. To seize the opportunity for 1:1 mentoring, Tracey journeyed to New South Wales to collaborate with Sheri.

When Tracey approached Sheri to refine her style, enhance her aesthetic, and strengthen her portfolio, Sheri wholeheartedly embraced the challenge. She committed herself to creating a seamless and captivating presence in the world of fine art photography. With Sheri’s style, expertise, and professional knowledge, they journeyed to elevate Tracey’s artistry to new heights. Their shared dedication to crafting flawlessly elegant work and establishing a formidable presence in fine art photography remained steadfast.

Navigating this creative journey posed a unique challenge, given that Tracey resided in Perth, Australia, where finding venues aligned with their aesthetic vision proved limited. Undeterred, Tracey embarked on a journey, flying to Sydney and then to the enchanting Southern Highlands. Here, Sheridan had arranged to rent a magnificent Victorian Italianate mansion and a historic garden estate known as “The Rift” in Bowral. With this picturesque backdrop in place, they set out to bring Tracey’s dream images to life.

The editorial brilliantly encapsulates the quintessential French Garden aesthetic that served as the inspiration. Drawing inspiration directly from the venue and its lush surroundings, a delicate French touch was artfully infused into every aspect. The tables adorned with soft-toned flowers and a gentle French ambiance, complemented by the subtle contrast of mustard as a secondary color, all harmoniously came together to create a captivating visual narrative.

For this remarkable workshop, Sheri assumed the roles of both a mentor and the workshop’s host. She meticulously selected each participant and expertly harmonized them into a unified concept.

The stationery, expertly crafted by Azalea Calligraphy, added a delightful and indulgent touch to the overall aesthetic, elevating the entire experience, while the jewelry from Sundarata beautifully complemented this French romance.

Kayrouz Bridal, celebrated for its enduring elegance, is a prestigious wedding gown brand that adds an exclusive touch to the French setting. These gowns, meticulously handcrafted, boast luxurious textured materials, intricate beadwork, and an unwavering commitment to every detail, resulting in striking silhouettes that redefine bridal fashion.

While the dress’s significance is undeniable, it’s equally important to emphasize the hairstyles and makeup. Grace Roby Hair provided a simple and elegant hairstyle that beautifully complemented the shoot’s concept. The soft, enchanting bridal makeup by “Makeup by Megan” and the elegant updos played indispensable roles in capturing the essence of this timeless look, completing the overall vision flawlessly.

The male attire, expertly curated by Rundle Tailoring, showcases a timeless black and white dinner suit, elevating the ensemble with additional refinements.

The floral expertise of Heritage Floral Co. was pivotal in setting the mood for this editorial. Their specialization in delicate details, handcrafted pieces, and seasonal flowers perfectly aligned with their creative director’s preference for a garden-style aesthetic, making the choice a natural fit.

Drawing inspiration from France, their colors proved visually captivating and seamlessly complemented the venue, ultimately crafting an enchanting atmosphere for the entire event.

Models Gabriella and Jordan, a genuine couple and loving parents to two adorable little ones, are commemorating a remarkable milestone – their 10th anniversary.

A lavish table design with mustard accent elements was meticulously curated and organized by Event Hire Services.

During this beautiful shoot, Sheri showcased Tracey how to explore the soft colors of film photography and create timeless film images for couples. The result is fantastic, and, as Tracey says, “Without a doubt, it’s one of the best decisions I have made so far in my business. We can’t get better with our dreams if we aren’t learning from the best in the industry.”