How did you meet?

On Bumble, which I hear is no longer really a thing!

How did he propose?

The poor boy was meant to do it at The One and Only until there was a thunderstorm that damaged the property. He had 24 hours to find new accommodation the week before Christmas and managed to at Spicers. We woke up the morning after a beautiful cliffside proposal with our first bout of covid. This gave us a wonderful early opportunity to test out our ‘in sickness and in health’ vows in our Sydney apartment over the Christmas period while we watched our family celebrate for us through FaceTime.

Tell us about your wedding dress journey at Kayrouz Bridal?

I only saw one dress that I liked on the entire Internet and it was a Berta dress. So I went to Kayrouz with express plans of trying one and locking it down – surely this was a 30 minute process. As it happens, I ended up going with a completely different dress (not at all similar) after the Kayrouz team insisted that trying on just one was not an option.

Which Berta gown did you say YES to and what made you fall in love with this gown?

The Como dress. Fashion was my first love, and this dress is very fashion. I wanted to wear something extravagant on my wedding day as an ode to my younger self. 

As a girl seriously lacking in the chest region, the lack of bust curvature in the dress made me feel super confident and like I was wearing a second skin, which extended to the amazing sleeves. Yet it is all sheer so I didn’t feel covered up. And the appliqué flowers lit up in the photos. It’s the dress that my husband said was sexy and my grandparents said was classy.

Tell us about your Venue and Wedding theme?

We held all wedding events (family accommodation, welcome drinks, ceremony,  reception) at the breathtaking Rivermead Estate in the Gold Coast hinterland. The house is an oversized Queenslander, the dress a bit whimsical and the dining set up was Italian-inspired. I’m not sure the theme was consistent but we honestly just picked things that we loved, and I think it landed. In saying this, we merged brains with our wedding planners (The Romantics, Liv and Kate Morrow) and they perfectly expanded on and executed the list of muddled adjectives we gave them on our first meeting.

What advice would you give to upcoming brides?

Something nobody told me was that you’re likely to feel uneasy in the morning because all your bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done first, and god they look good. You will feel ugly for a while, but it is so worth the wait when your look comes together the way you dreamed.

And something that everybody tells you and is so true is to spend as much time with your partner on the night and look at all the beautiful people around you that you can now collectively call yours. We had a welcome event the day before so we didn’t have to spend our day catching up with everyone, which I highly recommend it if this is an option to you because we felt so relaxed. Plus this arrangement removed most of the fashion runway, I mean aisle, nerves for me.


DRESS: @berta

HAIR: @missyveyret

MAKEUP: @ericacoffeymua

FLORIST: @mrsgibbonsflowers



VENUE: @rivermeadestate

ENTERTAINMENT: @bakerboysband

CAKE: @thesweetsocietyco

THE GROOM WORE: @pjohnsontailors