7 Glamorous Wedding Gowns for an NYE Wedding

The new year always brings something new and exciting. But for those saying “I do” before the year ends, it feels extra special. There’s nothing like welcoming the new year as a new bride. While having your wedding during New Year’s Eve (or any time of the year for that matter) can be nerve-wracking, having the best bridal gown might just be what you need to get you more excited than you already are. Here are seven glamorous and timeless wedding gowns for your NYE wedding.

Some women didn’t really give much thought to their wedding when they were kids, while others have dreamt about the big day their whole lives. Whichever one you are is totally fine, but just in case you fall under the latter, you probably took inspiration from your favorite childhood princess.

The 19-113 Berta Athens dress might just be your dream dress that has come to life. We especially adore the Diamanté embellished belt, as well as the way this dress’s skirt falls into a soft full skirt, which totally gives us princess vibes.


While we’re on the topic of feeling like a princess, allow us to introduce the 20-15 Berta Milan. Just like the 19-102 Berta Athens, this dress also embodies the look and feel of a princess with its soft and flowy skirt. This one, however, is a 40s style-inspired gown with a beautiful V-shaped bodice. If your wedding has a certain theme that aims to take your guests to a different era, this dress might just be the piece that completes the puzzle.

Who needs New Year fireworks when your dress beautifully sparkles? The 21-103 Berta Colony dress has romance written all over it with its off-the-shoulder style, intricate lace detail, and overall sparkles. You’ll also love the soft falling mermaid skirt that screams fancy in every angle.

Just because everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve, doesn’t mean it can’t be a special day for you. You’re the bride, and you deserve to look and feel as fabulous as ever! The Fernanda Muse by Berta Florence is one of our top picks for that all-eyes-on-me feeling. We adore the sparkles everywhere on this gown, and the ribbon detail on the shoulders embodies a fun and classy bride who’s ready to dance the night away.

Don’t think we forgot about the simple and minimalist bride! As much as we admire brides who wear intricate details, we also love those who prefer simple and minimalist bridal gowns. The 21-J12 Jolie Bridal SS21 is our top pick for the minimalist style: a pencil silhouette, a V-plunge neckline, and narrow shoulder straps. What we love about this is its perfect mix of minimalism and personality with its A-line skirt layered with lace and tulle.

  • 21-J11 Jolie Bridal SS21

A New Year’s Eve wedding means a double celebration for you and your groom, and what better way to announce “party” than with the soft and comfortable 21-J11 Jolie Bridal SS21? Aside from its sparkly appearance, this dress has a gorgeous V-neckline with a fitted bodice and an elegant side split camouflaged with sparkle tulle. It’s a beautiful paradox of simple and sophisticated, making you the most elegant—and not to mention ready-to-party—bride.

As the bride, you’re not only allowed to feel all the feelings (whether it’s stress or excitement), you’re also allowed to go all out with your dress! It’s your day, after all. If you’re the type who loves experimenting with clothes or wearing loud and bold outfits, the 21-P02 Berta Privee No. 4 might be the perfect dress for you. It has Berta’s signature illusion mesh and floral appliqué, as well as a flowing skirt with layers of tulle and sparkle mesh. This dress undeniably shows off your strong yet loving personality.

Your New Year’s Eve wedding will definitely be a day you’ll always remember, so be sure you’re in a dress they’ll never forget. Congratulations on your wedding—it’s going to be great!

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