8 Alluring Boho Wedding Dresses

When we hear the word “boho” or “bohemian,” we instantly think of a vibe that screams mythical wonders and enchantment. A bohemian wedding is usually romantic and earthy with a carefree feel. If you’re thinking of having a boho-themed wedding, check out our top alluring boho bridal gowns that you can wear on your special day.

  • Gigi Muse by Berta Desert

Nothing can be more boho than the Gigi Muse by Berta Desert. This off-the-shoulder gown with an A-line skirt silhouette proudly shows an ivory shade with a gorgeous neckline. It has soft ruched straps, allowing you to feel just the right mix of simple and elegant. This dress’s beautiful flowing skirt is comfortable without compromising style—a perfect match for your boho-themed wedding décor.

  • Berta Como With Train

What’s better than a flowy skirt? A detachable flowy skirt, of course! The Berta Como With Train comes with a detachable skirt, allowing you to have two wonderful looks on your special day. Walk the aisle in a boho-style gown with the flowy skirt, and detach it when it’s time to party the night away!


We love how this gown has a fitted corset bodice, an elegant floral design, and 3D lace. The detachable skirt screams boho all over with its floral 3D lace appliqué. 

  • 20-107 Berta Napoli Bridal Gown

You can never go wrong with a ball gown silhouette and sparkles. The 20-107 Berta Napoli Bridal Gown screams boho chic with its sweetheart neckline, sparkle fabric, and gorgeous silhouette. We love the multiple dimensions of the structured traditional corset bodice, as well as the embellished straps that fall into a medium-low back. You’ll be the shining and shimmering star of the night, as you should be!

  • 19-104 Berta Athens

If you’ve always dreamt of looking like a princess on your wedding day, the 19-104 Berta Athens might be the right dress for you. It doesn’t lose sight of the boho theme while still giving you the feel of royalty and sophistication.

Our favourite part about this dress is its off-the-shoulder strap that highlights your elegance and femininity. It also has an embellished belt that defines your waist. Is this a wedding or a coronation?

  • Ivette Muse by Berta Como

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle in the Ivette Muse by Berta Como and you’ll know that it’s every bride’s dream come true. We can’t get enough of the soft and flowy A-line-shaped skirt that has high front splits with falling delicate lace. The tropical floral lace on the upper portion of the dress will surely be a crowd favourite as well.

  • Gemma Muse by Berta Desert

Don’t be afraid to be a little daring on your special day. The Gemma Muse by Berta Desert has a high front split that highlights your confidence and strong personality. The leaf lace straps add that boho touch while the flowy skirt gives that carefree vibe. This dress also has a lace boy brief bodysuit to give you the comfort you need to walk the aisle with ease.

  • Fabia Muse by Berta Florence

One of the things that scream boho in a dress is a pair of stylish straps like the one on the Fabia Muse by Berta Florence. The off-the-shoulder tulle ties are as flowy as they are fashionable, and we absolutely adore them. You’ll look like a modern-day fairy tale princess—as if everything in your wedding popped out straight from an enchanted storybook.

  • Irene Muse by Berta Como

The soft falling off the shoulder tulle sleeves of this stunning Irene Muse by Berta Como dress is reminiscent of a whimsical fairy. This number comes with a corset fitted bodice that has a V shape on the waistline, enhancing the definition of the bodice and creating a small waistline. As if it’s not breathtaking enough, the skirt falls into an A-Line skirt embellished with a delicate floral design and completed with a small train.

Bonus: A boho look is only complete with an on-theme headpiece! Go for a headband with a gold leaf or something more dramatic that’s decorated with earthly gold tones and pearls.

We’re absolutely in love with the boho look, and we love seeing them at weddings! Just remember that being a confident bride requires being comfortable and carefree.
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