7 Bridal Hair Accessories to Die For

Whoever said that a wedding dress should be the only thing you should spend on for your wedding outfit has probably never seen a glamorous set of bridal hair accessories. Of course, the hair should have just as much dramatic a moment as the dress. Whether you’re going for simple and subtle or grand and exquisite, your hair can make or break your whole bridal look. 

If you’re one of those brides who haven’t been exposed to the world of bridal hair accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these favourites of ours from the Maria Elena collection.

1. 17-14 Emmy Comb

What we love about the 17-14 Emmy Comb is that it goes well with any wedding theme. Whimsical, vintage, magical—whatever the theme is, this hair accessory will look great in it! You have the option to wear this comb as a complement to your bun or as a nice little clip to add to your let-down hair.

Pair this comb with the 20-15 Berta Milan for that magical fairy tale finish. It has an off-the-shoulder design with a detailed boned corset-style bodice made from embroidered wildflower lace to accentuate the décolletage.

2. SU17-21-S Mackensie Halo

If you want something that goes around your head, the SU17-21-S Mackensie Halo is for you. It’s perfect if you’re trying to achieve that angelic-but-still-a-queen look as it makes a statement with its tiara-like style.

Since this halo is already pretty bold and eye-catching, we recommend a bridal gown that leans toward the simpler, not-so-loud side. The sparkly 21-J11 Jolie Bridal SS21 is great for this. We love the soft tulle bows on the shoulders!

3. MT9006 Crown

Eyeing a crown instead of a halo? We got you! The MT9006 Crown says “gorgeous queen” all over it. It makes a statement with its gorgeous details and glamorous colour, allowing you to become the most beautiful queen—we mean bride—there ever could be! Who wouldn’t be staring at those embellishments?

If you’d like to go all-out with the queen look, pair this crown with the 21-J19 Jolie Bridal SS21. You’ll see how the waist is defined with a delicate belt. The A-line skirt is even layered with lace and tulle for that added royal detail!

4. MT 13-12 Madeline

The MT 13-12 Madeline is one of our favourites for one obvious reason: It’s filled with Swarovski crystals and clusters of flower-shaped pearls. The perfect recipe for glam! A Maria Elena piece like this can also be custom-made and designed where each stone colour can be individualised to suit your bridal gown.

For this style, in particular, we recommend the 22-09 Berta Como With Train. It has a detachable skirt to give you the chance to have two gorgeous looks on your special day. 

5. MC19-14 S Essence Headband

Just like any Maria Elena accessory, the MC19-14 S Essence Headband makes a statement and adds personality to your bridal outfit. What’s great about headbands is they’re easy to wear and re-wear, especially when the party starts to get wild!

This headband would look amazing with the 21-P110 Berta Privee No. 5. Its sparkle layer that runs through the whole gown is calling your—and this headband’s—name!

6. MC18-01 Elegant Headbands Trio

If simplicity and glamour had a child, it would be the MC18-01 Elegant Headbands Trio. We love how the stones exhibit simplicity while the overall look of the trio exudes glamour.

The Ivette Muse by Berta Como is such a great fit for these headbands because of the way its delicate lace exudes glamour too.

7. 16-16 Comb

Another sleek and sophisticated hair piece you wear on your big day is this Maria Elena comb. Adorned with mother of pearl flowers, silver and gold shade crystal rocks nesting on a gold base, this one is for those lovers of delicate and beautiful details.

A hair accessory may just be what your wedding outfit needs for that added oomph. Take your pick from the gorgeous accessories by Maria Elena. 

You can order all Maria Elena styles in silver, gold, or rose gold. If the one you like is not in stock, allow us to place an order (Orders take 6 to 8 weeks to deliver).

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