6 Stunning Modern Boho Wedding Dresses For the Boho Bride

Inspired by the 60s and 70s laid-back boho fashion, today’s bohemian style is all about fluid fabrics and feminine silhouettes. This makes it perfect for putting together a bridal look and wedding theme in general. 

Boho is one of the most popular wedding themes, and we can see why. It’s fashionable, fun, and aesthetically pleasing! If you’re planning on having a boho-themed wedding, here’s a quick guide on boho bridal gowns that you should totally choose from.

What Is Boho?

“Boho” is short for “bohemian.” It’s known as a style that is associated with the earlier decades (the 60s to 70s), mostly from looks that concert-goer had in music festivals, but more than that, it’s actually coming from various fashion subcultures and periods.

If your wedding is going to be boho-themed, you could expect decorations that give a carefree, creative, and unconventional vibe. 

The bohemian style is essentially inspired by those who choose to live unconventional lives, such as constant travellers. You’ll easily notice combined colours, objects, and patterns from different corners of the world.

Modern Boho Wedding Dresses for Your Wedding

Carefree and laidback don’t mean less elegance. You can still pull off the chic boho look without compromising while staying sophisticated. Here are some wedding dresses you might want to check out:

  • Diana Muse by Berta Barcelona

If you’re the type who has always dreamt of her wedding day, the Diana Muse by Berta Barcelona might just be the finishing touch to that perfect dream wedding. Surprise your groom with a gorgeous and timeless off-the-shoulder silhouette that will probably get him to cry buckets the moment he sees you walk down the aisle.

This dress has a boned, corset-style bodice with elasticised lace detailed straps. The best thing about them is they can be worn on or off the shoulder.

  • Ivone Muse by Berta Como

The Ivone Muse by Berta Como is for the adventurous brides who love to try bold, daring, and fun things. This gorgeous dress with intricate details has an illusion mesh neckline with beautiful beaded leaf and floral appliqué on the bodice which creates a soft V-plunge.

We are loving the overall balance on this dress, with intricate details at the upper portion and a flowy and simple bottom portion. But don’t be fooled by the skirt’s simplicity. It exudes a lot of personality! It has godets for extra fullness, and it’s lined with a nude colour skirt which also has the beaded lace detail showing through the skirt.

  • Hannah Muse by Berta Vista Mare

Nothing says “boho with a little romance” like the Hannah Muse by Berta Vista Mare. We are totally in love with the ribbon straps that scream boho-chic. The single layer of flowing tulle adds to the glamour, while the bodice and fitted skirt adorned with floral sparkle appliqué give this gown a special touch.

  • Ivette Muse by Berta Como

This one is for the brides who dreamt of being fairy tale princesses. The Ivette Muse by Berta Como is soft and elegant, so you don’t just get to marry your Prince Charming — you get to party all night too!

This dress offers a beautiful corset-fitted bodice with a scoop neckline covered in tropical floral lace. It’s held in place with fine straps that give that “minimalist yet still fashionable” vibe.

  • Gigi Muse by Berta Desert

If you’re not shy to be a little extra with the boho theme, the Gigi Muse by Berta Desert is the wedding dress for you. It’s an off-the-shoulder gown that has soft ruched straps and a beautifully tiered flowing skirt. This dress reminds us of outdoor concerts, fairy tales, and pretty gardens rolled into one.

  • Gemma Muse by Berta Desert

Boho but make it daring! That’s what the Gemma Muse by Berta Desert is all about. Aside from the gorgeous slit, the detailed leaf lace straps really made us fall in love with this dress. The flowy skirt is layered with soft tulle and a touch of lace appliqué — perfect for the boho theme!

What’s a boho-themed wedding without a modern boho dress? Choose among these dresses and check out the other boho dresses from Muse by Berta! Check out our complete collection at Kayrouz Bridal.