4 Tips for Your First Bridal Gown Fitting

So, it’s time for wedding preparations, and your first bridal gown fitting is coming soon. Congratulations, gorgeous! Now, you may be feeling a little anxious despite the excitement. You may have no idea what to look for yet in a dress, or you do, but you’re worried you might not find it. Take deep breaths. We guarantee you this will be a fun ride!

Whether you’re feeling ecstatic or nervous, we’ve created a little guide to help you as you prepare for your first bridal gown fitting.

1. Ask your Maid of Honour to come with you

You chose your maid of honour for many reasons, and two of those reasons are to help you with wedding preps and to browse through bridal gowns. Having your beloved MOH — whether she’s a sister, relative, or BFF — come to your first bridal gown fitting makes the experience extra special. Plus, you get to hear feedback about the dress not just from a fresh set of eyes but from someone you love and trust.

We also recommend bringing your MOH with you at the second or final fitting, so they’ll know how to help you get ready on the big day.

Another reason why you should bring your MOH is that it’s a whole lot of fun, and it’s a milestone you could share! Imagine coming out of the fitting room wearing a designer dress like the Ivory Muse by Berta Como and having your beloved MOH see you in it. We sense a teary-eyed MOH!

2. Be completely honest with your stylist

Your stylist wants the best for you as much as you do, so be sure to be completely honest with them. They will look at you in the wedding dress from every angle, and they’ll make adjustments as they see fit. You can be sure that they know what they’re doing from a professional perspective, but it’s always best that you speak up and address any issues or concerns that you have. The first fitting is the best time to communicate any requests too.

We also recommend moving around in the dress — especially since that’s what you’ll be doing during the ceremony and the party. Pay attention to how the dress feels when walking, sitting, and dancing. If it’s a long flowy dress like the Gisele Muse by Berta Desert, make sure you’re comfortable with the length. If there’s any part that you’re not comfortable with, communicate this with your stylist.

If your dress requires several alternations, don’t worry. It’s all part of the process.

3. Be aware of the timing

Fitting your wedding dress shouldn’t be too early, nor should it be too late. We recommend scheduling your first dress fitting at least eight weeks before the big day. Eight weeks will be able to accommodate the number of fittings, usually three to four, that you’ll need for standard alterations. Take note, though, that any custom changes might require more time and fittings.

Remember that timing is key when fitting your wedding dress, especially when it’s as intricate as the 21-P02 Berta Privee No. 4. When your fitting schedule is done right, you’ll have enough time to get alterations done.

Another thing: Strive to have your goal weight by your first fitting and maintain it until your wedding day so that alterations will go smoothly.

4. Be prepared

When we say “be prepared,” we don’t just mean emotionally and physically. Be ready with your shoes and the undergarments you’ll be wearing on the wedding day as well. During the first fitting, the hem is usually set. This means that the undergarments you’ll be wearing on the big day are important at the first fitting because they can affect the fit of the dress.

If you don’t have shoes for the big day yet, that’s okay. Just bring a pair of shoes that has the same height as the pair you plan to wear on the wedding day. This is especially important if you plan on wearing a dress with a long train like the 22-09 Berta Como With Train.

Bridal gown fittings are one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding preparations, especially when there are a lot of timeless wedding gowns to choose from. Just remember to cherish the moments, trust the process, and most of all, have fun!