2021 Wedding Dress Trends

Are you finally tying the knot in 2021? One of the foremost priorities among brides is choosing their wedding dress. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion; an event that almost all women desire to be at some point in their lives. It’s not surprising that women invest time, effort, and money into wedding dress shopping. The perfect wedding dress comes in all shapes, sizes, and silhouettes. A bride-to-be’s personal taste, preferences, and budget are also factored in when choosing that special frock for their big day. 

Staying true to your taste while keeping up with trends can be challenging. Here at Kayrouz Bridal, we have made it our mission to give you the hottest wedding dress trends for 2021. We hope that you can find a wedding dress that will effortlessly exude the innate bliss and joy you feel on your big day!

  • Short Dresses

The COVID-19 global pandemic gave rise to micro-weddings; martial unions either via video conference or an intimate ceremony attended by a select few, including immediate family members and close friends. As it is impossible to hold a grand wedding during challenging times, choosing a traditional wedding dress design is not only unnecessary but may get costly, too. 

Fashionistas predict short but sophisticated wedding dresses as an emerging trend in 2021. Short dresses with captivating beading and ornate designs are just as glamorous as a mermaid-style wedding dress. A short dress like this exquisite Berta Evening Dress is also more practical, especially if you are hosting a micro-wedding that doesn’t involve walking down the aisle. They are quite flexible too in that you can wear them for special occasions or special functions once everything goes back to normal. 

  • Ruffles

Ruffled wedding dresses were definitely all the rage a decade ago, and it seems to be coming back in style. Fanciful ruffles show depth and sophistication in wedding dresses with minimal beading and embellishments. The soft layers create the perfect quintessential image of feminism and romance. The ruffled skirt is also extremely flexible in that you can incorporate into any wedding style- be it modern, chick, boho, or all-out glamour. 

  • Subtle Sparkle

If you are getting married around the holidays, a wedding dress with subtle sparkles can bring out the festive and romantic mood in the air. If you are all about opulence and keen to stick with white, ecru, or ivory colour palette, a sparkly wedding dress is definitely for you! You can embellish your dress with sequins, beads, and even precious jewels if you plan on going all out for your special day. Reflective embellishments need not be expensive. You may opt for simple silhouettes with sparse beadwork for a more subtle shimmer that will make your beauty and radiance shine on your wedding day.

We are in love with the Jolie Bridal dress and its intricate floral applique. The illusion mesh embodies elegance, perfect for brides who want a more ethereal and modest look. The flowy skirt is covered in sparkling mesh with lace applique that completes its romantic and seductive vibe. 

  • Square Necklines

This was extremely popular during the Renaissance period, and it seems that square necklines are here for a grand comeback. This 2021 wedding dress trend is absolutely versatile as it looks flawless when incorporated into any design or fabric- be it satin, lace, and chiffon to name a few.

Wedding dresses that feature traditional square necklines are both elegant and elongating. The angular silhouette that beautifully rests on the shoulders is endearing, not to mention exquisitely timeless, too. Brides may also adjust the width and height of the neckline. A wider cut if you want to show off those lovely shoulders and collar bones, or a lower cut to accentuate the neck and busts while seemingly slimming down the shoulder region. 

  • Backless Wedding Dresses

If you want to make a statement, bring your sexy back! Backless wedding dresses will never run out of style. You may choose a deep V-back dress or a completely backless wedding gown if you want to show skin without revealing the cleavage area. The backless design is perfect if you want to keep the design simple while showcasing your daring personality. 

The Berta Miami Wedding Dress is stunning to say the list. If you’re dreaming of a dramatic and glamorous entrance, this is the perfect wedding dress style for you. The gorgeous lace train is beaded with diamonds and the fishtail skirt shows off your natural silhouette flawlessly. The low V-back is bold and will ultimately provide the cohesive and stylish look on your special wedding.

  • Statement Sleeves

If you want to have a uniquely beautiful attire on your wedding, a wedding dress with statement sleeves is a style you may want to give serious consideration. The style, material, and design are only limited by your imagination, so you can basically choose any sleeve style you want. Plus, statement sleeves can be added into any traditional or modern wedding dress design to further elevate its beauty and grandeur. 

The Athens Wedding Dress from the Berta Collection is as alluring and sophisticated as it gets. The strapless gown is further enhanced with a corset bodice that will definitely turn heads as you walk down the altar. Various lace materials are layered to create a stunning finish while making sure you are comfortable from ceremony to reception. The beautiful long train is embellished with floral details fit for a queen. The Victorian-inspired floral turtleneck extends is further accentuated by bell sleeves that exude timeless fashion.

When it comes to trending wedding dress styles, these popular styles will undoubtedly dominate 2021. A pandemic should never stop brides-to-be from feeling excited for their wedding, and with these gorgeous wedding dress trends, you will definitely look gorgeous on your wedding day. If you’re looking for unique and stunning wedding dresses, look no further. Kayrouz Bridal boasts a collection of wedding dresses for brides of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a frock that has whimsical pastel shades, interesting backs & bows, or an extravagant gown with ethereal details or embellishments, we have it all for you! Feel free to browse our bridal gown collection. If you have other enquiries, you may also reach us on 02 9262 2151 today. 


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